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November 20, 2013
Parent/Legal Guardian
Consent Form
Volunteers that are minors (less than 18 years of age) - please have your parent/legal guardian sign this
form and submit with your application.
Requirements for Volunteering with the City of Ottawa:
I agree to comply with the following when performing volunteering duties and related activities:
I understand that this is a volunteer position and is unpaid, and that no employer-employee
relationship is being created between me and the City of Ottawa.
I understand that I am representing the City of Ottawa's public image when undertaking my
volunteering duties. I will diligently carry out my volunteering duties and follow the directions
provided by City of Ottawa staff or other authorized personnel.
If I am permitted to use City of Ottawa equipment, I will only use it for its intended purpose,
following all directions and instructions, and in a safe and cautious manner.
I may receive personal information of persons or confidential information during the course of my
volunteering duties. I will keep all of this information strictly confidential, and not disclose it to any
one in any format unless my City of Ottawa Supervisor specifically authorizes me to do so.
I grant permission to the City of Ottawa and its agent(s) to use without compensation any photograph, videos, or
any other record of me taken during my volunteering duties or related activities for the purposes of promotion of
City activities or programs.
By submitting reference names and contact information, I authorize the City of Ottawa and its agent(s) contact
these individuals for the purposes of completing a thorough investigation of my past employment, education,
and/or my suitability for a volunteer role with the City of Ottawa. I also agree to release from liability all persons
and companies providing this information. I also understand and acknowledge that any offer for a volunteer
position is conditional upon the City of Ottawa being completely satisfied with the information provided as a result
of their investigation
Please read carefully!
Risks & Ability to Volunteer:
I confirm that I am an adult of at least 18 years of age, and that I understand that being a volunteer at the City of
Ottawa may involve personal risks and hazards to me which all volunteers are required to assume, such as falls or
personal injuries as a result of coming into contact with the public or equipment, the effects of weather and traffic,
and loss of property. I voluntarily assume these risks.
I agree not to participate as a volunteer unless I am medically able to do so and am properly prepared. I agree to
abide by any decision of a City employee concerning my ability to volunteer.
Accident Insurance:
I understand that if I am younger than 80 years of age, I may be entitled to coverage under the Municipal Volunteer
Accident Insurance policy obtained by the City, subject to the specific terms, conditions, and exclusions of that
policy. If I want more information about this policy, I will contact my City of Ottawa Supervisor noted above.
Liability Insurance:
I understand that the City of Ottawa carries liability insurance which may apply to me in the event of a claim
brought by a third party arising out of my performance in good faith of my volunteering duties. My coverage
under the City's liability insurance policy will be subject to the terms, conditions and exclusions of the policy. If I
want more information about this policy, I will contact my City of Ottawa Supervisor noted above.
Acknowledgement and Submission of Application:
By submitting the application for this volunteer opportunity online and clicking the button below, I acknowledge
that I have read the contents of this form including the Requirements for Volunteering and the Legal Notice,
that I understand them, and that I accept all of these terms.
Parent/Legal Guardian must complete the following section and submit:
(Please print name)
I, , confirm that I am the parent or legal guardian of
, who is a minor. I am applying on his/her behalf for this volunteer position at the City. By signing below and
submitting this application to the City, I agree both for myself and on his/her behalf to the above-noted
Requirements for Volunteering and Legal Notice and accept all of these terms.
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