MCC Tuition Waiver Information for In-District Senior Citizens
Senior Citizens (65 and older) who live in-district can enroll in most Metropolitan Community College classes using a
senior tuition waiver, which covers the cost of tuition. **See exception below. The waiver does not cover lab fees,
general fees, books, supplies, special program fees, etc.; they are the responsibility of the senior. Seniors can enroll on a
space-available basis after the class has achieved the required minimum enrollment.
Here are the steps for senior citizens who wish to enroll in classes at MCC and use the senior tuition waiver:
1. Apply for admission at
2. On or after the designated date (see chart below), enroll for classes online through your Student Center at
3. Once enrolled in the course(s), select the Pay by Senior Citizen Tuition Waiver option on the payment page.
Choosing this option will hold your classes for 7 days, allowing time to submit the form to campus.
4. Contact a campus student services/cashier’s office prior to the start of the term to submit the waiver request
form and pay any additional fees. After the waiver is applied, you can pay any remaining fees online through
your Student Center at myMCCKC.
Senior citizens who wish to enroll in a class and use the senior tuition wavier may only enroll on or after the designated
senior enrollment date, typically the Thursday before the semester begins (see chart below for dates). Enrollment prior
to the designated date disqualifies use of the waiver. Seniors who choose not to use the waiver are free to enroll
anytime enrollment is available, but are expected to meet the same payment requirements as the other students. For
late-start classes, seniors may enroll using the waiver only after the class has achieved the minimum required
Designated date to first enroll and use
the Senior Tuition Waiver
Semester Begins
Summer 2020
Thursday, May 28
Monday, June 1
Fall 2020
Thursday, August 13
Tuesday, August 18
Spring 2021
Thursday, January 7
Monday, January 11
Summer 2021
Thursday, June 3
Monday, June 7
**Exception** The senior tuition waiver does not apply to most physical education courses, since they require use of a
recreation/fitness center and therefore do not have the same capacity guidelines. Examples: Body Building, Physical
Fitness, Aerobics, Water Aerobics, Fitness Walking and Individual Wellness. Courses that do not require
recreation/fitness center usage do qualify for the senior tuition waiver. Examples: Intro to Exercise Science, Physical Ed
and Recreation, Principles of Health, First Aid/CPR, and Topics in Physical Education. Seniors who wish to participate in
physical fitness classes/activities are invited to sign up for a reduced-rate senior membership at a campus recreation or
fitness center in order to take advantage of all the center offers. For more information about the recreation/fitness
centers, visit the center on campus or contact one of these individuals below.
Recreation/Fitness Center Contact
Contact Information
Maple Woods
Sheila Juenger
(816) 604-3557
Penn Valley
Viki Clark
(816) 604-4404
Attention: See the MCC Tuition Waiver Request form on the next page, which includes a worksheet to complete for
planning purposes. When senior tuition waiver enrollment becomes available, this form will provide the information
you need to enroll in your classes online through myMCCKC. Once enrolled, you are expected to contact a campus
business office within 7 days, and before your class meets for the first time, to submit the MCC Tuition Waiver Request
and pay any additional fees. Otherwise, your seat in class might not be held.
Turn page over for Tuition Waiver Request Form
MCC Tuition Waiver Request for In-District Citizens 65 and Older
Once enrolled, contact a campus business/cashiers’ office within 7 days, and before your class meets for the first
time, to submit this form and pay any additional fees. You may pay through your Student Center at myMCCKC
Please Print Clearly
Student Name ________________________________________________ Student ID # ___________________________
Address _____________________________________________________ City __________________________________
State ______________ Zip _________________ Birthdate ______________________
E-mail __________________________________________ Phone # ( ) __________________________________
Term and Year: Fall ____________________ Spring ___________________ Summer ____________________
Requested Class(es)
Composition & Reading I
I understand that:
My enrollment is dependent on available class space on/after the designated dates.
I am responsible to pay associated fees (books, supplies, general fees, lab fees, special program fees, etc.) prior
to the start of the term.
Student Signature ___________________________________________________ Date ___________________________
For Business Use Only: (Include initials and date completed)
Documentation of age provided ______________ Fees paid __________________ Waiver applied _________________
Notes _____________________________________________________________________________________________
Revised 04/13/2020
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