Emancipated Minor or
Legal Guardianship Form
Feather River College Financial Aid Office 570 Golden Eagle Avenue, Quincy CA 95971
Phone (530) 283-0202 ext. 603 Fax (530) 283-4659 Email: financialaid@frc.edu
On your 2019-2020 Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) Application or California Dream Act Application
you indicated that you are or were an emancipated minor or, you are or were in legal guardianship. Please complete this
form by checking the applicable box below, sign, date, and submit along with any required documentation to the Financial
Aid Office. Include your student ID number on all documentation submitted. We encourage you to make a copy of this
form and all documents for your records.
C. Certification and Signatures Each person signing this worksheet certifies that all of the information reported on
it is complete and correct. The student whose information was reported on the FAFSA must sign and date. Warning! If
you purposely give false or misleading information you may be fined, sentenced to jail, or both.
Student Signature: _____________________________________________________ Date__________________
This worksheet must be signed and dated to be valid. Electronic and/or digital signatures are not valid.
For Office Use Only
Qualifying: Emancipated Minor | Legal Guardianship
Update RNAOV20 Dependency field to I for Independent
Not Eligible or Not Eligible because no longer in effect or, not in effect at time of becoming an adult
Processed/Reviewed By:
A. Student Information
Student’s Name: ________________________________________________ FRC ID: ______________________
B. Emancipated Minor/Legal Guardianship Status Check appropriate box
I am or was an emancipated minor. Check this box only if:
o You are attaching a copy of a court’s decision that, as of today, you are an emancipated minor, or
o You are attaching a copy of a court’s decision that you were an emancipated minor immediately before you
reached the age of being an adult in your state.
Note: at the time of the adjudication in your state of legal residence, the case must have been adjudicated by a court of
competent jurisdiction not an attorney.
I am or was in legal guardianship. Check this box only if:
o You attaching a copy of the court’s decision which documents that you were in legal guardianship until you
reached the age of being an adult in your state.
Note: The court must be located in your state of legal residence at the time the court’s decision was issued.
I made an error on my FAFSA. Check this box and follow the instructions below if:
o You are not and were not under legal guardianship or granted the status of an emancipated minor per the
decision of a court, or
o You are still a minor, and the court’s decision is no longer in effect, or
o The court decision was not in effect at the time you became a legal adult in your state of legal residence.
Instructions: if you checked I made an error on my FAFSA, you must correct the information on your aid
application to answer No to the emancipated minor or legal guardianship questions and provide your parents
information and signature.
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