GATE Youth Program Recommendation Form
for LCC’s GATE classes
(Must be completed by student’s school)
Recommendation Forms are good for one year at LCC Youth Program.
Student’s Name:__________________________________________
Grade: _________________
Intermediate School District: Ingham Clinton Eaton Shiawassee __ Other
Dear Classroom Teacher or School Official:
LCC’s Gifted and Talented Education (GATE) is an enrichment program that offers classes in the arts, science
and technology to students 2nd through 12th grades who have demonstrated outstanding academic ability in a
particular subject area.
The above student is applying to participate in LCC’s GATE Program. By completing and submitting this
Form, you are helping us determine if this child is appropriate for our Program. Thank You.
(Please check ALL statements that are true for this student.)
This student:
_____ interacts positively with other students
_____ is able to stay on task
_____ has a wide vocabulary
_____ completes assignments on time
_____ arrives at conclusions quickly
_____ demonstrates great imagination
_____ learns rapidly
_____ conducts him/herself appropriately
_____ is able to follow oral/written instructions
_____ is a keen observer
_____ organizes his/her work well
_____ is an independent thinker and worker
_____ has a strong curiosity
_____ functions comfortably in a team setting
Comments: Please relate any additional information that will help us know this student better.
This information will not be shared with parents without prior consent.
I believe the student named above would be appropriate in a Gifted and Talented Class. Yes / No
Evaluator Name:__________________________
Evaluator’s Title:___________________________
Evaluator Phone:__________________________
Date: ____________________________
Return this form to the LCC Youth Program
Lansing Community College East
Youth Program
2827 Eyde Parkway
East Lansing, MI 48823-72103
Phone: 517-483-9308
Fax: 517-483-9750
Revised 1/5/2018
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