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For Online Banking ( and Mobile Banking / Rewards Portal and TREATS SG app
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Apply for 2 Factor Authentication (2FA) to receive One-Time Password (OTP) using
SMS (used for banking services and updating of records) and Security Token
Mobile Number
The mobile number provided will be used for all your banking services and the updating of all your existing records.
# If you have an existing Security Token, the bank will not re-issue a new token to you.
Re-issue a new Access ID & PIN
Re-enable my mobile number to receive SMS OTP
Re-enable my Security Token Replace my Security Token
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applicable) and please debit my account:
Cancel (Note that you will not be able to access all online banking services including Maybank TREATS SG app and Rewards Portal)
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Re-issue a new pin
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1. Personal Details
2. Online Banking
3. Phone Banking
4. Agreement
5. For Bank’s Use
I hereby declare that the above information provided by me is correct. I
agree to make the above application(s) and to give the above instructions to
Maybank. I agree to abide by the prevailing terms and conditions governing
the service(s) applied for herein. Copies of the applicable terms and
conditions are available online at and all Maybank
branches. I understand that the application(s) herein are subject to
Maybank’s approval. I hereby authorise Maybank to release and disclose the
information set out above and information relating to my account(s) and
facilities with Maybank to such person(s) for the purpose of processing the
application(s) herein.
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For queries
Get in touch at 1800-MAYBANK (1800-629 2265) or (65) 6533 5229 (Overseas)
aybank Singapore Limited (UEN: 201804195C)
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