U.S. Department of State
The Foreign Service Act and appropriate personnel regulations require three (3) commitments from candidates for
appointment to the Foreign Service.
Candidates for the Foreign Service should understand that members of the Foreign Service are expected to be
available for worldwide service, as are all members of their immediate families. Anyone prepared to serve only at
specific posts or in specific countries or regions will not be appointed to the Foreign Service.
Candidates should understand that, although personal desire relative to functional field or professional
concentration is given every appropriate consideration in the assignment process, the interests of the Foreign
Service may require members to accept assignments outside their desired functional field. All members are
expected to accept such assignments willingly, in accordance with Foreign Service discipline.
3. In the official performance of their duties as representatives of the United States Government, Foreign Service
members may be called upon to support and defend policies with which they may not be personally in full
agreement. On such occasions, normal standards of Foreign Service discipline will apply. Ample opportunity is
provided within official channels for discussion and dissent with respect to the development and conduct of United
States Foreign policy.
You should understand that acceptance of these three (3) basic commitments - availability for worldwide
assignment, willingness to accept out-of-function assignments, and observance of Foreign Service discipline with
respect to public support of established United States policy - is a condition of employment with the Foreign
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