Form W-7 (COA) (Rev. 8-2017)
Catalog Number 56020G
Form W-7 (COA)
(August 2017)
Department of the Treasury
Internal Revenue Service
Certificate of Accuracy for IRS Individual
Taxpayer Identification Number
See Publication 4520
Form use only by IRS Certified Acceptance Agents when submitting Form W-7
OMB Number
Certificate of Accuracy
The undersigned is an authorized representative of
(CAA Business Name)
, a Certifying Acceptance Agent under an agreement entered into with
the Internal Revenue Service dated
/ / 20
. The undersigned certifies with regard to Form W-7 submitted for
(Form W-7 Applicant’s Name)
, that the applicant is not eligible for a SSN and has
provided the documentation checked below that sufficiently supports the applicant’s identity, foreign status and, if applicable, residency.
REMINDER: A passport is the only stand-alone document that proves both “foreign status” and “identity”. If a passport is not provided,
a combination of two or more documents must be provided to meet the documentation requirements. Note: Additional
original documentation requirements may apply for some dependents. See Supporting Documentation in this form's
Check the box under each category (Identity, Foreign Status) that corresponds to the documents reviewed by you.
Supporting Documentation Identity
Passport (Stand Alone Document)*
National Identification Card (must be current and contain name, photograph, address, date of
birth and expiration date)
United States Drivers License
Civil Birth Certificate (Required for applicants under 18 if passport is not provided)
Medical Records (valid only for dependents under age 6)
Foreign Drivers License
United States State Identification Card
Foreign Voters Registration Card
United States Military Identification Card
Foreign Military Identification Card
School Records (valid only for dependents under age 14 (under age 18 if a student))
Visa issued by United States Department of State
United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) Photo Identification
*Passport must have a date of entry for dependents, unless they are from Canada, Mexico, or dependents of U.S. military personnel overseas.
**May be used to establish "foreign status" only if the documents are foreign.
Check and complete the following paragraph only if the applicant is applying for an ITIN under “Exception 1(a) -
Partnership Interest”.
The undersigned further certifies that the Applicant has provided a copy of the relevant pages of the Partnership
Agreement of
(Name of Partnership)
EIN as documentation in support of meeting the requirements for Exception 1(a).
The undersigned further certifies that the documentation was reviewed in accordance with the procedures set forth in the
Acceptance Agent Agreement and is authentic, complete, and accurate based on the information and documentation submitted by the
The Certifying Acceptance Agent shall retain copies of all relevant documents including signed copies of the Forms W-7 submitted
to the IRS on behalf of the applicant upon which the Certifying Acceptance Agent has relied upon to certify the applicant’s foreign status
and identity.
(Signature of Authorized Representative) (Date signed)
Acceptance Agent EIN Acceptance Agent Office Code Acceptance Agent PTIN
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Form W-7 (COA) (Rev. 8-2017)
Catalog Number 56020G
Instructions for Form W-7 (COA), Certificate of Accuracy for IRS Individual Taxpayer Identification Number
What is Form W-7 (COA)
Form W-7 (COA) is a “Certificate of Accuracy” prepared by an ITIN
Certified Acceptance Agent (CAA) and attached to each Form W-7
(Application for IRS Individual Taxpayer Identification Number) that is
submitted to IRS. It contains the following information.
• The name of the designated authorized representative of the CAA who
is completing the Certificate of Accuracy.
• The legal name of the business.
• The EIN (Employers Identification Number) and office code of the
Certified Acceptance Agent.
• The date that the Acceptance Agent Agreement was approved.
• The name of the ITIN Applicant.
• The type(s) of supporting documentation reviewed by the CAA to prove
the ITIN applicant’s “identity” and “foreign status”.
• A statement by the CAA that they have verified to the best of their
knowledge, the authenticity, accuracy and completeness of the
documentation they reviewed.
• The signature of the individual who has prepared the COA and the
date that it was signed.
What is the purpose of Form W-7 (COA)
The COA is a certification by the CAA that they have reviewed the
supporting documentation to prove the ITIN applicant’s “identity” and
“foreign status” and to the best of their knowledge the documents are
complete, authentic, and accurate. Note: With the exception of
documentation to prove Exception 1(a) criteria, the only documents that
should be included in the COA are those that were reviewed by you to
prove the applicant’s claim of identity and foreign status. All other
supplemental documentation supporting “Exception” criteria, (i.e. a copy
of a withholding document, a letter from a financial institution, etc,) as
well as a denial letter from the Social Security Administration (if
applicable) must be attached to Form W-7 and submitted to IRS.
Who must submit a COA?
All IRS ITIN Certified Acceptance Agents are required to complete and
submit a separate COA for each Form W-7 that is sent to IRS. It is
important to remember that as a Certified Acceptance Agent,
documentation to support identity and foreign status must be reviewed
by you and should be included with your COA. You must attach a copy of
the original documents or certified copy by the issuing agency for primary
and secondary applicants. For dependents, you must attach a copy of
the passport or birth certificate. For all other dependent documents, you
must attach the original document or certified copy by the issuing agency.
IRS employees at designated Taxpayer Assistance Centers (TAC) will not
review W-7 applications prepared by CAAs.
Who can sign the Certificate of Accuracy?
Only the designated authorized representative of the business is
permitted to sign the COA.
Where can I find Form W-7 (COA)?
Form W-7 (COA) can be found on the IRS web site at by
searching for “Form W-7 (COA)”.
Whose PTIN is required?
Only tax practitioners are required to have a PTIN. The approved
authorized representative of the business must provide their PTIN on
Form W-7 (COA).
Supporting Documentation
You should check only the boxes that correspond to the documents which
you reviewed and certified to support the ITIN applicant’s identity and
foreign status. A passport is the only stand alone document for purposes
of satisfying both the “identity” and “foreign status” criteria. For
dependents applying under reason code "d", the passport must have a
date of entry to be a stand-alone document, unless they are from Canada,
Mexico, or are dependents of U.S. military personnel overseas. If the
passport does not have a date of entry, additional original documents
verifying the dependent's U.S. residency are required. See Part 4 of
Publication 4520 for documents accepted as proof of U.S. residency for
dependents. If you review the applicant’s passport, you would place an “x”
in the box under the “Identity” and “Foreign Status” column on the
Passport line. If, however, a passport is not reviewed by you, then a
combination of at least two or more documents must be examined from
the list of Supporting Documents; one which satisfies identity, and one
which satisfies foreign status. If a document does not display a box under
the Identity or Foreign Status column, it signifies that the document can
not be used to support that category. For example: A Foreign Drivers
License, U.S. State Identification Card, and U.S. Military Identification
Card can not be used to prove an applicant’s “foreign status”. Therefore
there is no check-box for those documents under the foreign status
column. They can, however, be used to prove the applicant’s “identity”, so
there are check-boxes under the identity column. Medical records valid for
children under 6 years of age and school records are valid only for
dependents under age 14, (under age 18 if a student).
Phrase Definition
The Undersigned This is the name of the individual who is preparing and signing the Certificate of Accuracy. This person must be the
the individual who has been designated as the authorized representative of the business.
CAA Business Name This is the legal name of the business that was entered by you on Form 13551, Application to Participate in the
ITIN Acceptance Agent Program.
Agreement approved date
___ / ___ / 20__
This is the date that IRS approved your agreement. You can locate this date on your CAA Agreement.
Form W-7 Applicant’s Name This is the name of the individual for whom you are completing the Form W-7 and Certificate of Accuracy.
Name of Partnership The name of the partnership should be entered on this line only if you are requesting an ITIN under Exception 1
(a) – Partners in a U.S. or foreign partnership that invests in the U.S.
EIN, Office Code and PTIN This is the Employer’s Identification Number (EIN) that was assigned to the business by IRS. The office code is a
number assigned by the ITIN Policy Section when the application for AA status is approved. Preparer Tax
Identification Number (PTIN) is required for anyone who prepares or assists in preparing federal tax returns for
compensation. This number should be entered on the line for Acceptance Agent PTIN
Date signed This is the date that the Certificate of Accuracy is signed by the authorized representative of the Business.
For additional information regarding documentation, please refer to Publication 4520 Acceptance Agents Guide for Individual Taxpayer Identification
Number (ITIN)
Definitions — The following chart represents definitions for phrases used in Form W-7 (COA).
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