Sahlgrenska academy at the University of Gothenburg
have accepted the following agreement regarding
1. Assignment
accepts the task
as assistant supervisor
The scope and content is regulated in the General regulations for third-cycle studies at the Sahlgrenska
Scope of supervision (decision by Sahlgrenska Academy Board 21 September 2016)
- A full-time third-cycle student is entitled to at least 80 hours of continuous, needs-adapted
supervision per year for the equivalent of four years of full-time studies. A part-time third-
cycle student is entitled to supervision of a corresponding scope for no more than eight years.
- The supervision time will be allocated between the principal and assistant supervisor.
- The principal and assistant supervisor will have a joint meeting with the third-cycle student at
least once a year to follow up and plan the studies.
Supervision time includes (decision by Sahlgrenska Academy Board 21 September 2016)
- the time that the supervisor and third-cycle student spend working on the third-cycle student’s
studies, such as the research project, courses and personal development dialogue,
- drawing up and following up the individual study plan,
- reviewing text,
- planning seminars and the public defence of their doctoral thesis,
- introducing the third-cycle student to national and international networks,
- career coaching.
2. Assistant supervisors commitment
The assistant supervisor agrees that within the scope of the assignment to:
i. be informed about the laws and ordinance that regulates the third cycle education,
including the university of Gothenburg’s and Sahlgrenska academy´s rules for education
of third cycle studies,
ii. contribute to the electronic individual study plan (e-ISP),
iii. be responsible for supervision of the third cycle student, in accordance with the individual
study plan,
Assistant supervisor
Third cycle student
Date of birth
Date of birth
1 9
1 9
iv. contribute to the planning of the third cycle students working papers, presentations and
v. contribute that half time seminars and public defence, or licentiate, are planned and
carried out,
vi. contribute to yearly follow-ups or revisions of the individual study plan together with the
principal supervisor and third cycle student.
3. Superv
ision fee
The agreement is valid with no fee for this assignment.
4. Time of assignment
This agreement is valid in scope and time that is regulated in the e-ISP.
The agreement comes into term from the date of the main supervisors entry until the supervision
ends, not later than third cycle student has graduated.
5. Changes of the agreement
Changes and additions to this agreement shall be in writing and signed by both parties.
6. Signing
This agreement is signed by both parties, assistant supervisor through signature and head of
institute by approving the individual study plan at the time of accepting the third cycle student
or by /change/adding of supervisor
Place and date
Assistant supervisor