In the Matter of:
Petitioner, Case No. _____________
Division No. __________
The Court finds that parenting coordination is appropriate for this case. Parenting coordination is
a non-confidential, child(ren)-focused process in which a neutral person assists the parties with
implementation of court orders or daily parenting matters through: assessing parties’ parenting skills and
the child(ren)’s needs; educating the parties regarding the needs of the child(ren); coordinating
professional services for the family; and assisting the parties in reducing harmful family conflicts. A
parenting coordinator helps the parties implement court orders and with daily parenting matters. A
parenting coordinator does not make decisions that would change legal or physical custody from one
parent to the other or substantially change the parenting plan.
The court has determined that parenting coordination is appropriate in this case because:
the child(ren)’s parents are persistently in conflict with one another over child(ren)-
related issues;
parenting coordination is in the best interests of the child(ren); and
one or more of the following circumstances exist:
parental problem-solving or communication is ineffective;
a parent has a history of substance abuse;
a history of domestic violence is present;
concerns exist about the mental health or behavior of a parent;
a child(ren) has special needs; or
the court otherwise determines parenting coordination is appropriate.
The court therefore orders:
1. APPOINTMENT & TERM. _______________________________________is
appointed parenting coordinator for a period of _________ months from the date of this Order (not to
exceed 24 months). The parenting coordinator serves and functions under the direction and control of
the Court and shall have qualified quasi-judicial immunity. If the parenting coordinator is also a licensed
attorney, he or she is not representing either party or offering legal advice to the parties concerning their
rights in this case.
The address, contact telephone number, fax number, and email of the parenting coordinator:
a. The parties are:
__________________________________ __________________________________
b. The child(ren) and their ages are [INITIALS only]:
__________________________________ age ______________________________
__________________________________ age ______________________________
__________________________________ age ______________________________
__________________________________ age ______________________________
2. ROLE & AUTHORITY. The court authorizes the parenting coordinator to make the
following decisions:
Establish specific dates, times of pickup and conditions for exchanges of the
child(ren)(ren) in transition between parents.
Sharing of vacations and holidays.
Method of exchange of child(ren) and belongings.
Parenting plan schedule or conditions, telephone contact and correspondence contact for
so long as the timesharing is in keeping with the Parenting Plan’s timesharing and residential
Temporary or one-time variation from the schedule for a special event or particular
Transportation of the child(ren).
Participation in a parent’s time with the child(ren) (by significant others, relatives, etc.).
Educational, daycare, and/or extracurricular or enrichment activities for the
Communication between parents with regard to the child(ren) including means of
communication, frequency and time of communication, and rules regarding content of
Communication between the child(ren) and the parent they are not with when they are in
one parent’s care.
Alteration of the child(ren)'s appearance, such as haircuts, pierced ears, body piercing,
Parenting roles, including participation in a child(ren)’s school or extracurricular
activities during the other parent’s scheduled time. This includes accommodation for a parent
who coaches sports, leads a Scout group, etc.
Ordering either or both parents to substance abuse testing and having access to any
generated reports or results.
Making orders more specific so as to avoid violation of Court's orders.
Make up for missed time.
Clothing exchange.
Health care management.
All of the above.
Other as specified below and initialed by each parent:
Initials: ________ ________
Initials: ________ ________
Initials: ________ ________
3. Procedure.
a. Process: Both parents shall participate in the dispute resolution processes as defined by
the parenting coordinator which shall include, at a minimum, the opportunity for each of
the parents to be heard. They shall be present when requested by the parenting
coordinator. In the event a parent does not attend a meeting set by the parenting
coordinator, the parenting coordinator may make decisions and orders despite the
parent’s absence.
b. Third Party Contact: The parenting coordinator may communicate with a nonparty,
such as any person involved with the family, including a stepparent, the custody
evaluator, an attorney, a school official, a physical or mental health provider, or any
person the parenting coordinator determines to have a significant role in contributing to
or resolving the dispute between the parties. The parties will execute a release or written
consent authorizing such communication.
4. Written Reports to the Court. The parenting coordinator will file written reports or
recommendations to the court. The reports and recommendations will include all decisions made. If in
writing, the decisions will be binding and effective when signed by the parenting coordinator. Decisions
need not be in writing and may be made orally if circumstances involving severe time constraints and/or
possible emergencies so warrant. Oral decisions shall be binding and effective when communicated to
both parents, and such orders shall be further confirmed in writing to both parents and counsel as soon
as practicable.
A party may, within fourteen calendar days of the date of the submission of a parenting
coordinator’s report or recommendations, file a written motion (objection) with the court requesting
review. The motion should state whether a hearing is requested. The court may direct that additional
arguments and authorities be submitted in such form and manner as the court deems appropriate. Costs
of the procedure and professional time may be assessed against a party who objects to a
recommendation. In the absence of timely filing of a written motion (objection), any objection to the
parenting coordinator’s recommendations shall be deemed waived, and the Court may enter its orders
without further review, hearing or notice.
5. Confidentiality. Parenting coordination is not a confidential process. The parties waive
confidentiality of the proceeding under K.S.A. 5-512 and Supreme Court Rule 909(c)(2), and the
parenting coordinator has the responsibility to report to the court and to other authorities as the court
order directs.
6. Mandatory Reporter. The parties are advised that the parenting coordinator is a
mandated reporter for child(ren) abuse pursuant to KSA 38-2223(a)(1)(D).
7. Domestic Violence. The parenting coordinator must screen and continually monitor each
dispute for domestic violence.
8. Fees.
a. The parenting coordinator’s hourly fee is ___________. An advance deposit will be paid
of ________.
b. Petitioner shall pay _____% of the parenting coordinator's fees, expenses and advance
c. Respondent shall pay_____% of the parenting coordinator's fees, expenses and advance
d. Both parents are responsible for the payment of fees associated with such services
regardless of the decisions or recommendations made by the parenting coordinator.
e. The parenting coordinator may recommend a reallocation of the percentage of sharing of
fees if he/she believes a substantial change of the financial circumstances of one or both
parents warrants it. The parents may agree to the reallocation as recommended by the
parenting coordinator, but they are not obligated to do so.
f. The court has the ultimate responsibility to determine the proper allocation between the
parents of the fees of the parenting coordinator and may require reimbursement by one
parent to the other for any payment to the parenting coordinator.
______________________________ DATED: ______________________
Counsel for Petitioner: __________________________________________________________
Petitioner: ____________________________________________________________________
Petitioner’s Address: ____________________________________________________________
Petitioner’s Phone #s: Work _____________Home _______________Cell_________________
Petitioner’s E-mail Address: _____________________________________________________
Counsel for Respondent: _________________________________________________________
Respondent: ___________________________________________________________________
Respondent’s Address: ___________________________________________________________
Respondent’s Phone #s: Work _____________Home ______________Cell_________________
Respondent’s E-Mail Address: ____________________________________________________
Counsel for Third Party: _________________________________________________________
Third Party: ___________________________________________________________________
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Third Party’s Phone #s: Work _____________Home ______________Cell_________________
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Guardian ad Litem/Other: ________________________________________________________
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