R/CR Application | Last Revised September 7, 2018 | CITY OF RICHMOND 1
Department of Planning and Development Review
Land Use Administration Division
900 E. Broad Street, Room 511
Richmond, Virginia 23219
(804) 646-6304
Project Name/Location
Property Address:________________________________________________Date:
Tax Map #: Fee:
Total area of a ected site in acres:
(See page 6 for fee schedule, please make check payable to the City of Richmond”)
Current Zoning:
Existing Use:
Proposed Zoning/Conditional Zoning
(Please include a detailed description of the proposed use and pro ers in the required applicant’s report)
Existing Use:
Is this property subject to any previous land use cases?
Yes No
If Yes, please list the Ordinance Number:
Applicant/Contact Person: _____________________________________________________________
Mailing Address:
City: ____________________________________________ State: ________ Zip Code:
Telephone: _(_______)_____________________________ Fax: _(_______)______________________
Property Owner:
If Business Entity, name and title of authorized signee:
(The person or persons executing or attesting the execution of this Application on behalf of the Company certifi es that he or
she has or have been duly authorized and empowered to so execute or attest.)
Mailing Address: ______________________________________________________________________
City: ___________________________________________ State: ________ Zip Code: _____________
Telephone: _(_______)_____________________________ Fax: _(_______)______________________
Property Owner Signature:
The names, addresses, telephone numbers and signatures of all owners of the property are required. Please attach additional
sheets as needed. If a legal representative signs for a property owner, please attach an executed power of attorney. Faxed or
photocopied signatures will not be accepted.
2 CITY OF RICHMOND | R/CR Application | Last Revised September 7, 2018
In instances where it has been determined that underlying zoning regulations cannot be met, a rezoning/con-
ditional rezoning may be granted by City Council to provide relief from zoning regulation. It is the policy of the
City of Richmond to encourage the voluntary pro ering of conditions by the applicant in cases where the use of
conventional rezoning methods are inadequate to achieve certain desired goals. With conditional rezoning, the
applicant voluntarily pro ers written conditions designed to o set identifi ed problems and render an otherwise
unacceptable rezoning acceptable. O -site impacts on public infrastructure may be mitigated by the inclusion
of pro ers that address circumstances directly related to the rezoning proposal. Rezoning/conditional rezoning
should not be used if pro ered conditions will not su ciently o set or are unrelated to the identifi ed problems.
Applicants must schedule a pre-application conference with the Division of Land Use Administration sta to
review related Master Plan, land use and other issues that may be involved prior to making application. Please call
(804) 646-6304 to schedule an appointment with the sta . Sta may reject any application without a
pre-application conference. Sta will review submitted applications to ensure all required materials and
information are provided. If the application is not acceptable, the required information must be provided prior to
formal sta review.
Applicants should also discuss the proposed rezoning/conditional rezoning with area civic associations,
property owners, residents, and the area Council Representative prior to submitting an application. Letters from
the associations and property owners stating their position in regards to the request should be submitted with
the application.
The Division of Land Use Administration circulates the application materials to appropriate City agencies as
determined necessary. City agencies reviewing the proposal may include: Public Works, Building Permits &
Inspections, Public Utilities, Water Resources, Zoning Administration, and Fire and Emergency Services. The
Division of Land Use Administration will coordinate responses by City agencies. Written comments will be
provided generally within 30 days of the application submittal date.
After review by these agencies and by the Division of Land Use Administration, the sta will confer with the
applicant regarding suggested zoning districts and pro ers to be included with the application. Once the
application is in fi nal form, an ordinance is drafted and the pro ers are attached to and are made a part of the
ordinance. The sta will forward a copy of the ordinance to the applicant for review and approval.
The ordinance is then reviewed by the City Attorney’s o ce and the City Administration. Once their review is
complete, the ordinance is introduced to City Council and a public hearing is scheduled, usually thirty days after
introduction. During this thirty-day period, public notice of the hearing is posted on the site and in a daily
newspaper. Notices are also mailed to the owners of all properties within 150 feet of the subject property. One
week prior to the City Council public hearing, the Planning Commission, after receiving a report from the
Department of Planning and Development Review, considers the proposed rezoning/conditional rezoning and
forwards a recommendation to City Council. The Planning Commission welcomes information submitted prior
to the meeting and may ask questions of proponents and opponents during the course of its deliberation on the
In the event that additions, deletions or other modifi cations to pro ered conditions are desired, they shall be
made in writing to the Planning Commission before the Commission makes its recommendation to City
Council. City Council may consider additional conditions, deletions or modifi cations to conditions after the
Planning Commission makes its recommendation, provided that such are voluntarily pro ered in writing prior to
the public hearing at which City Council is to consider the request. City Council may refer the request back to
the Planning Commission for further review and action if additions, deletions or modifi cations to conditions are
proposed after the Planning Commission makes its recommendation.
Review & Approval process for
Legislative Land Use Application Process
Step 1 Step 2 Step 3 Step 4 Step 5 Step 6 Step 7
Application &
Letters Routing
Comment Letter
Meeting with
Step 11 Step 10 Step 9 Step 8
City Council
Ordinance and
Optional meetings
with appicant to
discuss project
design, and due
With 2 working
days the application
is routed to other
reviewing agencies.
Letter notifying
civic associations
within 1,000 feet
and letter to the
applicant with civic
association contact
information are
When required, fi nal
plans submitted
for review to meet
terms of approval.
Work commences.
Typically, the CPC
is forwarded to the
next council
meeting one week
later. City Council
takes action.
Approximately 3
weeks later, the
application is heard
by City Planning
Commission. The
CPC makes a
recommendation to
City Council.
If not additional
information is
required, sta
prepares and
submits the
ordinance and O&R
request to the CAO.
Approximately 45
days later, the
ordinance is
introduced at City
Council. Civic
associations are
notifi ed of City
Commission hearing
With 30 days of
receipt, a comment
letter is sent to the
applicant requesting
information or
clarifi cation.
If necessary, a
meeting with the
applicant occurs
to discuss requests
made in the
comment letter.
The application
resubmission is
routed for review by
agencies within 2
working days.
The applicant is
notifi ed within 15
days if additional
information is
required. If more
information is
required, the
process returns to
Step 5. If the
application is
complete, the
process continues
to Step 8.
The application with
information is
resubmitted within
60 days of the
comment letter.
The applicant can
request additional
time if necessary,
otherwise the
application is
withdrawn and a
refund of the fees is
4 CITY OF RICHMOND | R/CR Application | Last Revised September 7, 2018
Rezoning/conditional rezoning applications are fi led with the:
Department of Planning and Development Review
Land Use Administration Division, Room 511
City Hall, 900 East Broad Street, Richmond, Virginia 23219
Telephone (804) 646-6304
The application for a rezoning/conditional rezoning must include the following, each part of which is
explained below. Application must be submitted in an electronic format (PDF).
1. Application form;
2. Application fee;
3. Applicant’s report;
4. Survey plat; and
5. Applicable Pro ers signed by the property owner(s).
Application Form: All the owners of the property must sign the application form and any
pro ers. In the event that the applicant for a conditional rezoning is a contract purchaser, such
purchaser must also be made a part to the pro er and must sign their name. Faxed or
photocopied signatures will not be accepted.
Application Fee: The appropriate fee of $1,500 plus $100 for each acre or fraction thereof over
the fi rst acre (fee is not prorated by acreage) must accompany the application. Checks should
be made payable to the “City of Richmond”.
Applicant’s Report: A written report must be submitted explaining the reasons for the
rezoning/conditional rezoning request, and the intended use of the property. Information
contained in the report will assist the sta in the preparation of its recommendation to the
Planning Commission. The report and any supporting materials (i.e. plans) will also be used by
sta to determine which zoning district would best accommodate the proposed development.
Survey Plat: A PDF of a survey plat showing the property and including metes and bounds is
required. The plat should show existing physical features of the property, including:
North arrow, scale, property address, the distance to nearest public street, preparer of
plat, date, revision dates, area of site;
Existing structures, buildings, paved areas, fences, streets, alleys, easements, and limits
of the 100 year fl ood plain, Chesapeake Bay Preservation Area limits, wetlands, and
Written Pro ers: The written pro ers (the original must be signed and executed by the
property owner(s) and the contract purchaser, if applicable) shall only be accepted as
conditions attached to the rezoning if they meet the following criteria:
The rezoning itself must give rise to the need for the conditions;
The conditions shall have a reasonable relation to the rezoning;
The conditions shall be in conformity with the City Master Plan;
The conditions shall be drafted in such manner as to be clearly understandable
Filing Procedures for
R/CR Application | Last Revised September 7, 2018 | CITY OF RICHMOND 5
Filing Procedures for
The conditions cannot impose upon the applicant the requirement to create a property
owners’ association nor a condition that members of a property owners’ association
pay an assessment for the maintenance of public facilities owned in fee by a public
entity, including open space, parks, schools, fi re departments, and other public facilities;
however, such facilities shall not include sidewalks, special street signs or markers, or
special street lighting in public rights-of-way not maintained by the City;
The conditions can not be less restrictive than the provisions of the requested
zoning district, and shall not require or permit a standard that is less than required
by any applicable law; and
Where pro ered conditions include the dedication of real property or payment of cash,
such property may not transfer and such payment of cash may not be made until the
facilities for which such property is dedicated or cash is tendered are included in the
Capital Improvement Program (CIP). However, the City may accept pro ered
conditions which are not normally included in the CIP. If pro ered conditions include
the dedication of real property or the payment of cash, the pro ered conditions must
provide for the disposition of such property or cash payment in the event the property
or cash payment is not used for the purpose for which pro ered.
6 CITY OF RICHMOND | R/CR Application | Last Revised September 7, 2018
Preliminary $3,000 + $100/acre
Extension of Preliminary Approval $1,500
Final $1,500 + $100/acre
Amendment $1,500 + $100/acre
Initial $1,500 + $100/acre
Amendment $1,000 + $100/acre
Floor area & Land disturbed 5,000 square feet $500 + $100/acre
Floor area & Land disturbed 5,001 & 50,000 square feet $1,000 + $100/acre
Floor area & Land disturbed 50,001 square feet $1,500 + $100/acre
Each continuance caused by the applicant $250
Use Initial Amendment
Day Nursery $300 $200
Single- or two-family detached or attached dwelling $300 $200
Outdoor dining $300 $200
Mobile food business $300 $200
Sign $300 $200
Multi-family dwelling (3 to ten units) $1,800 $1,200
Commercial or industrial equal to or less than 5,000 sq ft $1,800 $1,200
Multi-family dwelling (more than 10 units) $2,400 $1,800
Commercial or industrial more than 5,000 sq ft $2,400 $1,800
Each continuance caused by the applicant $250
Preliminary Plat $500 + $15/lot
Extension of Preliminary Plat Approval $150
Final Plat $500 + $15/lot
Subdivision Confi rmation Letter $100
Continuance* $50
Plat of Correction $100
A full refund of the application fee is permitted if the application is withdrawn prior to the second
submittal of plans. Once a second submittal of plans is made, fees are not refundable.
For Community Unit Plans (CUP), the fi rst 10 acres are included in the base price.
For Conditional Use Permits, Plans of Development, and Rezonings, the fi rst acre is included in the base price.
For all applications with an additional price per acre, fractions of an acre are rounded up to the nearest whole number. Do not prorate the
fee per fraction of acre.
• Example: A Conditional Use Permit (CUP) for a 0.76 acre property would owe $1,500 (base fee only). A CUP for a 2.3 acre
property would owe $1,700 ($1,500 base fee + 2*100 (for the 1.3 acres over the fi rst acre))
* No charge for the 1st continuance requested by the applicant or for any continuance requested by the Planning Commission. The
second or subsequent continuance request by the applicant costs $50.
Fees went into e ect upon adoption of Ordinance No. 2018-209 by City Council on September 10, 2018.
(As of 9_7_2018) (FEE SHEDULE)
Department of Planning and Development Review
Land Use Administration Division
900 E. Broad Street, Room 511
Richmond, Virginia 23219
(804) 646-6304
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