Zebs Wish Equine Sanctuary
Adoption Application
Name: __________________________________________________________
Address: _________________________________________________________
City:__________________________ State:________ Zip Code: _____________
Phone Number:____________________ Email Address:___________________
Your Age: ____________ *If you are under the age of 18 then Parents contact information is required.
Are you zoned for farm animals where you live? ___________________
Do you own or rent your home?
Own _____
Rent _______
If you rent please tell us your landlord’s name and phone number
Name: ________________________________ Phone # : _______________________________
Zebs Wish Equine Sanctuary has minimum criteria for the adoption of our animals that are designed to
ensure a safe, healthy and lifelong home for them. Some of these criteria include adequate fencing not
barbed wire, safe and adequately sized shelter and consistent loving care. Will you allow a ZEBS WISH
EQUINE SANCTUARY representative to do a pre adoption site visit and will you accept follow-up visits
and phone calls?
Yes _______
No _______
Zebs Wish Equine Sanctuary
Our goal is to adopt our horses to people who are committed to lifetime care to the horses they adopt.
The only way we can continue to help more horses is if we are able to place our horses into these types
of homes.
We also understand that sometimes things happen that can disrupt the best of plans and or intentions.
We will ask you to contact us if circumstances occur where it becomes impossible for you to keep the
horse, we also ask that you consider this next question very carefully.
If the horse you adopt is rideable, do you agree to provide care for the horse for the rest of her/his life,
even after she/he can no longer be ridden? *Mini horses should NEVER be ridden. We ask that this is
understood and agreed to at the time of adoption.
Yes ___________
No ____________
At Zebs Wish we understand the plight of even finely bred animals when their circumstances change
and ask that the adopted horse is NEVER BRED.
DO you agree to never breed this animal nor to put this animal is a circumstance where it may be bred
Yes ___________
No ____________
Resale Policy: ZEBS WISH EQUINE SANCTUARY is seeking permanent lifetime homes for all equines.
Therefore, we reserve the Right of First Refusal should the adopter choose to sell the adopted horse.
In other words, if situations change then Zebs Wish expects to have the FIRST opportunity to take the
equine back. We simply want to ensure that a previously rescued horse never ends up in a bad
situation again.
How would you describe your level of experience with horses?
If the horse you are submitting this application for is currently in training, you will be required by ZEBS
WISH EQUINE SANCTUARY to take 4 lessons from that trainer. These will allow ZEBS WISH EQUINE
SANCTUARY and the trainer to evaluate whether or not the animal and the applicant are a good match.
It will also allow the adoptee to see how the horse has been trained and to ask questions/get help
before making the decision to adopt.
Do you agree to take a lesson from the trainer?
Yes _______ No _______
Do you currently have a horses, mule or burro?
Yes _______ No_________
Number of animals you currently own:
How often do you feel an equine should be de-wormed?___________________
How often do you feel an equine’s teeth need to be floated? ____________
How often do you feel an equine’s feet should be done?____________________
Will your adopted horse have herd mates?
Yes ________No __________
If you are interested in adopting a pasture pal, what other animals would the horse be living with?
Will the adopted equine live on your property?
Yes ___________No__________
If yes, what type of fencing do you have? __________________________
If No, please list the name, address and Phone Number of your boarding
Name: ______________________________________________ Phone #___________________
Address: ________________________________________________________________________
City: ______________________________________ State: _________ Zip:_________________
If the horse is boarded, how often and for how long will the horse be turned out?
What type of fencing does the facility have? ________________________________ ____________
How big is the turnout area or pasture? _________________________________________________
Please provide us with your Veterinarian’s information:
Name: ______________________________________________ Phone #___________________
Address: ________________________________________________________________________
City: ______________________________________ State: _________ Zip:_________________
Please provide us with your Farrier’s information:
Name: ______________________________________________ Phone #___________________
Address: ________________________________________________________________________
City: ______________________________________ State: _________ Zip:_________________
Please provide us with two references, people not related to you, who can testify to your ability to
provide and care for horses:
Name: ______________________________________________ Phone #___________________
Name: ______________________________________________ Phone #___________________
Please return this form to:
Adoptions-Zebs Wish Equine Sanctuary
34950 SE Colorado Rd
Sandy, OR
THIS APPLICATION may be denied for any reason and is subject to approval by all board members. If the
application is denied, no reason may be given, but all applicants are welcome to reapply after 90 days of
denial if their situation has altered enough to be considered for approval once again.