Your journey towards
ISO 45001 certification
If your organisation is preparing for ISO 45001 certification, IOSH would
like to hear about how you’re getting on. As an ‘early adopter’ of the
world’s first occupational health and safety international standard, you’re a
forerunner and other organisations can learn from your experiences.
So, if you can spare a few minutes and your organisation is happy to share information that IOSH
can use to produce a publicly-accessible case study on our website, please provide answers to the
questions below.
If you would like to share your ISO 45001 journey but remain anonymous, please let us know
you send in the completed form. when you send in the completed form.
1 Brief descriptor of your organisation:
2 What are your organisation’s main reasons for seeking ISO 45001 certification?
(max 100 words)
3 What are your organisation’s first steps towards gaining top management
commitment (e.g. raise at Board level or other internal committee)? (max 100 words)
a. Name of organisation
b. Size (number of employees)
c. Sector
d. Location
e. Main OSH hazards
f. Existing certifications (e.g. ISO 9001,
ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001)
g. Key contact details
What are the main challenges your organisation faces and how will they be overcome?
(max 200 words)
6 What sources of information about ISO
45001 have you used so far?
(max 200 words)
a. What are your organisation’s main
strengths regarding OSH?
b. What are your organisation’s main
areas for improvement re OSH?
4 At the outset of the
(max 200 words)
Your journey towards ISO 45001 certification
8 Once you have gained certification to ISO 45001, would you be willing to provide an
update to your case study? (max 200 words)
7 What do you anticipate the
benefits of ISO 45001
certification will be to your organisation?
(max 200 words)
Thank you for sharing your experiences. We may be in touch with you again for further information or clarification.
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Your journey towards ISO 45001 certification