Your Launch Strategy (Checklist)
> Apple Podcasts & other directories: the approval process
It can take anywhere from 24 hours - 72 hours to get approvals from directories (and sometimes longer).
Apple Podcasts requires you have at least 1 episode published to your RSS feed before they will accept your
show. We recommend launching with 3 episodes. Watch this video for details on submitting to Apple
> New & Noteworthy
New & Noteworthy is a great place to be, but it shouldn't be your #1 focus when you launch. What should your
#1 focus be?
To create valuable content & be a better podcaster today than you were yesterday!
1. You've recorded your 'About Me' episode (Ep 00)
Introduce yourself and your show
: 8-10 minutes; this should be episode 00 (your 'trailer'). Click here
for an outline!
2. You have a "content bank"
Recommended: at least 1 month's worth of episodes prior to launch so you don't fall behind
3. A recording schedule is in place
It doesn't stop when you launch - make sure you have a schedule moving forward to record
your episodes! Check out our Content Creation Plan section for details.
4. Reminders are set for you to send your guests an email
5. Strong Call to Action (CTA) in each of your episodes
Your CTA should drive your listeners back to your site, show notes, or other valuable resources
6. You've joined the Podcaster's Page in Paradise
7. You're ready to participate in Pay it Forward Friday
Pinned post in the private Facebook group ev
ery F
8. Social profiles have been created
(recommend sticking to just 1 or 2 in the beginning)
..and you have a social media scheduler in place to help you consistently share your episodes. Check
out our Social Media Launch Strategy for more details!
9. Your Libsyn dashboard is set up
There are important sections in Libsyn that correspond to important sections in Apple Podcasts.
Watch this video to be sure you've filled them all in!
10. You've watched The Launch module in Paradise!
The Launch section is your step-by-step guide to ensure you're prepared for your podcast launch!