Any person who has graduated from high school or who is at least 18 years old may matriculate
and enroll in classes. To continue enrollment at colleges in the District (Cañada College, Skyline College and
College of San Mateo) students must be in academic good standing as defined in the San Mateo County Com-
munity College Rules and Regulations. This means maintaining an overall GPA of 2.0 or better and overall com-
pletion 51% percent of attempted units. Any student who is not in good academic standing must petition each
term to continue enrollment.
Office of Counseling,
sing & Matriculation
April 2020
1. After the Reinstatement Workshop, a student must meet with a counselor to create a Student Educational
Plan (SEP) for the following semester.
2. A student on Dismissal Status is limited to .5 to 6 units.
Reinstatement and the specific class enrollments must be approved by a counselor and the Dean of
Counseling. A response identifying enrollment conditions will be emailed to the student.
3. A student may express enrollment needs (i.e., full-time status for insurance needs, financial aid needs, or
athletics programs, etc). However, these needs are not considered when a student is on dismissal status.
Unit limitations identified in #1 are upheld.
4. Often, dismissed students are required to complete a CRER or COUN course and/or study skills course
appropriate to the educational goal and/or academic history.
5. Reinstatement is provisional for a term but a student remains on dismissal status until the GPA is a 2.0 or
higher and the course completion rate is at least 51%. While on dismissal status, a student must petition
for reinstatement every semester.
6. A student on dismissal status may be dismissed and not allowed to register for classes in the San Mateo
County Community College District for the next semester if the student does not:
adhere to the conditions on the Reinstatement Petition
successfully complete courses attempted
follow the Student Educational Plan on file
improve academic standing after provisional reinstatement
You must download and save this form to your device before completing the form
Name the file "ReinstatementPetition_your name"
   
Course: Units: Course: Units:
Course: Units: Course: Units:
Course: Units: Course: Units:
Course: Units: Course: Units:
or initials
: After completing this form, you must meet with a counselor. If you are currently in classes, your counselor
may require progress reports filled out by your instructors.
Complete the top half of this form and email to your counselor before or during your Zoom or phone appointment.
You will receive an email regarding your reinstatement decision and your registration date will appear in WebSmart.
Name: _________________________________________________________ CSM ID#: __________________________
How many hours a week do you work?
Telephone: ( ) CSM Email:
What happened? What will you do dierently?List factors that led to dismissal status and changes you will make if reinstated.
Last name First name
April 2020
Counselor: ____________________________________ Date: ________________ GPA _________ Progress _________
Discussed Course Repetition/Grade Alleviation Discussed Academic Renewal Policy Previously reinstated?
Counselor’s advice:
OnTRAC Coordinator or Dean of Counseling 
Office of Counseling,
Advising & Matriculation
Major, transfer, career, etc.
G #
Do not use when planning spring 
What is your Educational Goal?
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