Workers’ Compensation
Return to Work Program
It is the intention of the Yosemite Community College District to support the development, implementation and
monitoring of an early return to work policy that is consistent with all applicable laws of California.
The purpose of a return to work policy is to return employees who have suffered a work-related injury to work
in a transitional position that is within the temporary work restrictions assigned by the treating doctor.
The return to work policy is designed to meet the needs of both Yosemite Community College District and
employee, by returning the employee to a productive environment as quickly as possible. Participation in the
program will not exceed 90 calendar days.
1. The injured employee is released to return to work by treating doctor with temporary modified work
restrictions. The employee must notify his or her supervisor and the Benefits Office immediately of
their release and provide a return to work slip outlining temporary modified work restrictions.
2. Supervisor and the Benefits Office will determine if employee can be accommodated within the
assigned temporary modified work restrictions. If an accommodation can be made, supervisor
and/or office administrator will determine appropriate work duties to be performed while on
temporary transitional duty. If an accommodation cannot be made, employee will be placed in non-
active status and provided with temporary disability benefits through third party administrator.
3. Supervisor or the Benefits Office will notify the third party administrator concerning the injured
employee’s work status as soon as possible.
4. When the employee is notified that transitional duty is available, the supervisor and the Benefits
Office will provide the employee with a Notice of Temporary Transitional Duty outlining the
requirements of the Return to Work program, which is not to exceed 90 calendar days.
5. Should the employee choose not to return to work or refuse to perform the transitional duties as
assigned, the employee is required to provide a notice from treating doctor. This notice must state
that the employee cannot perform the transitional duties as assigned or is temporary totally disabled
(TTD) from all work. Should the employee fail to provide any valid reason why he or she cannot
work, disciplinary action will be initiated. Supervisor and the Benefits Office must notify the third
party administrator that the employee is refusing to work. During this off work period, the employee
must use accrued vacation time as compensation. Industrial/Accident Leave time (Ed Code benefits)
cannot be utilized during this off work period. The employee is not eligible for temporary disability
benefits until the employee provides an appropriate notice from treating doctor.
6. The supervisor will monitor the employee while on temporary transitional duty to insure the
employee is working within the assigned work restrictions. Monitoring will continue until the
employee is released to regular duty or a maximum of 90 calendar days, whichever comes first.
7. If the employee continues with temporary modified work restrictions beyond the 90
calendar day,
the employee will be taken off work and placed in non-active status and provided with temporary
disability benefits through the third party administrator in coordination with Ed Code accident leave
8. The Supervisor and the Benefits Office will keep in communication with the employee while off
work to insure that off work slips from treating doctor remain current during the leave.
Yosemite Community College District has developed a Return to Work Program as a benefit to all employees.
You are a valuable resource to Yosemite Community College District and we are pleased that your treating
doctor has approved you for temporary transitional duty. You will be assigned work duties that are within your
limitations outlined by your treating doctor. Effective immediately, you are placed on temporary transitional
Employee Name: __________________________________________________
Job Title: __________________________________________________
Supervisor: __________________________________________________
Restrictions: __________________________________________________
Work Hours: __________________________________________________
Effective Dates of Transitional Duty: ____________ to ___________
(Not to exceed 90 calendar days)
If you are unable to report to work, please contact your supervisor and the Benefits Office immediately. This is
a temporary assignment that is subject to change and will not exceed 90 calendar days. If at any time you feel
you are unable to perform the temporary transitional duty assignment or you feel the physical requirements of
the position exceed your limitations placed by your doctor, please notify your supervisor and/or the Benefits
I have read and understand the above:
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