It’s really goodbye from Debra this time
Well the sale of my property settlement ended up being a 120 day settlement so this is now my
final farewell. I will miss everyone and thank you again for all the fun times, the support you
have given the Centre and for all your kind words over the last few weeks.
I couldn’t sign off without once again reminding everyone of the Centre’s funding predicament
and how important it is that you continue to support the centre where you can. You can do this
via a number of ways such as; become a member, enrol in activities or where possible
The Yarra Glen & District Living and Learning Centre (YGDLLC) is the only Neighbourhood
House included in the Yarra Ranges Council partnership program that does not receive
Department of Health & Human Services (DHHS) Neighbourhood House Coordination Program
Funding (NHCPF) or Registered Training Organisation Funding. In fact, the Centre is the only
Neighbourhood House in the Outer East that does not receive the DHHS Coordination Program
Funding. Currently the only financial support that the Centre receives is from the Yarra Ranges
Council partnership funding, which only covers expenses such as utilities, insurance, amenities,
maintenance, cleaning, and a very small pro ratio towards Centre salaries. The only way to pay
our tutors, therefore, is from the fees we receive from course enrolments.
During 2020 it came to my attention that the Belgrave Community House had been closed
down, a house that had been receiving DHHS Coordination Program funding. So I enquired to
see if it was possible for that allocation of funding to be transferred to YGDLLC. In addition at
the same time, I was informed that there were discussions taking place about Council’s
proposal to build a new Neighbourhood House in Lilydale and that the Belgrave funding
allocation would be transferred to this, yet to be built, new Neighbourhood House in Lilydale.
As I am sure you can all understand we were flabbergasted that DHHS would allocate these
funds to a new house not even built yet, over an existing successful operating Neighbourhood
House that receives no State funding at all and survives on the smell of an oily rag and the
good will of volunteers. So I requested a chance to yet again voice the need for this funding to
be allocated to YGDLLC.
Sadly, a few weeks ago we were advised via council that the new Lilydale Neighbourhood
House project will be going ahead and the DHHS Coordination Program funding will be
allocated to Lilydale. It is important our community is aware of these decisions and that we
have been bypassed yet again.
I now formally hand over the reins to Lisa who has been spending many hours with me (all
volunteered hours by the way) during this last term and I have no doubt, Lisa will do a great job
along with support from Sandra. Best of luck ladies.
Bye everyone, lots of love and best wishes, Debra
Hi from Lisa
Hi everyone, I am looking forward to meeting you all over time and by all means please pop in
for a chat and say hi. There is a lot to get my head around but I am really excited about my new
role and working with you all to keep building the Centre’s profile within our community. I’d also
like to welcome Sandra back and we both hope to see you all enjoying activities from our term
2 program. A big thank you to Debra and we all wish her all the best in her next journey in
Reminder about class payments
If you are continuing classes from one term to the next, we would appreciate timely fee payments. When class
fees are not paid on time, Centre staff spend a lot of time following up payments and hence less time is available
for other Centre needs. Fees for all classes and/or workshops are due prior to the start of each term or at the
latest the first week of term for ongoing classes, thank you.
A 10% surcharge will be incurred for all late payments of class fees.
How can you help us?
If you are not already a member of the Centre, please join.
Membership is only $15 per year or $12 for Pensioners (please show your pension card to access). Annual
membership is based on a calendar year (January through to December).
Through the Australian Neighbourhood Houses & Centres Association (ANHCA) the Centre now has Deductible
Gift Recipients (DGR) status. This means that all donations of $20 and more are tax deductible. Donations would
have to be processed through the ANHCA Public Fund. Donors must contribute unconditionally to the ANHCA
Public Fund to claim a tax deduction. However, a donor may indicate an organisation or project as the preferred
beneficiary for their gift. Please see Debra for appropriate forms to be completed.
Do you know of a business that would be keen to support the Centre with ongoing sponsorship? Even a one off
sponsorship payment would be warmly accepted.
Philanthropic Sponsorship
We are looking for opportunities to receive philanthropic donations or grants from companies and /or foundations
with a similar vision to that of the Centre, namely, to provide our community with a greater sense of wellbeing
and belonging. Have some ideas? Then chat to Lisa.
Community Benefit (CB) Card
When shopping at Ritchies and by using a community benefit card linked to Yarra Glen Living & Learning Centre,
Ritchies will donate money back to the Centre. These cards can be used at ANY Ritchies IGA store, supermarket
or liquor throughout Vic, NSW and Qld by any of our supporters and their families.
If you would like to support the Centre and you don’t already have a CB card please collect one at the registers
next time you shop at ANY Ritchies store to use every time you shop or swop around your cards to share the
benefits.. All you do is downlaod the App and register then nominate Yarra Glen Living and Learning Centre.
Thank you in advance for your support.
We are looking for passionate fitness instructors and volunteers
Community Reading Room Volunteers
Do you have a passion for reading and enjoy meeting and helping people? We are
looking for volunteers to join our fabulous team in the Community Reading Room. Basic
computer skills and good customer service skills required. Training will be provided.
Please contact the office on 9730 2887 or email us at if you are
interested in discussing the position further.
Fitness Instructors
Are you passionate about health and fitness, want to make a positive impact on people’s
lives and enjoy working with community? Then we would like to talk with you. We are
looking for qualified fitness instructors to deliver a range of classes for our community.
Please contact the office on 9730 2887 or emails us at if you are
interested in discussing further.
Art Workshops
Tutor Bec Gilbert
Saturday 19 June
9.30am 10.30am
A simplified version of our adult beginners' workshop
will get you pouring out an abstract masterpiece in
no time. Come along and learn the basics with a
parent or guardian in this interactive fun workshop.
Each person will finish with two painted art canvas to
take home. Suitable for ages 3 10 years. BYO
apron, all other materials supplied. For children
attending a parent or guardian must be present
during the workshop
Location: Centre
Class Fee: $5 parent members, $8 parent non-
No. of sessions: 1 Class Codes: CMF
Thank you to Yarra Ranges Council for supporting
this activity
With Janet Hayes
Wednesdays 26 May, 5, 2, 9, 16 June
1.00pm 3.30pm
Members receive plenty of one to one guidance in
creating individual artworks. Use any drawing and
painting medium, pencil, charcoal, ink, pastels,
acrylics, oils, watercolours etc in these online
classes. Janet will instruct with useful
demonstrations, exercises and tips, based on the
needs of class participants. You may prefer to
simply sketch, work on elaborate paintings, or
anything in between. The first class will start with
discussion of materials and subject matter that
participants will be using. Beginners to advanced
welcomed. An apron is recommended for this class.
Location: Centre
Class Fee: $100 members, $110 non-members
No. of Workshops: 4 Class Code: DPJH
Art Workshops
Tutor Bec Gilbert
Saturday 1 May
9.30am 11.30am
Come and join us in learning what could become
your new favourite hobby. Fluid art is a new and
exciting style of art. It creates bold, stylish & abstract
masterpieces. And the best thing, anybody can do it.
Join Bec to create two of your very own acrylic
canvases to take home. Learn recipes, tips & tricks
with an experienced tutor through demonstrations
and easy step by step tuition. No art experience
necessary. All materials supplied. BYO apron to
protect clothing. No refund available for this class
due to material costs.
Location: Centre
Class Fee: $55 members, $60 non-members
No. of sessions: 1 Class Codes: FAB
Tutor Bec Gilbert
Saturday 22 May
9.30am 11.30am
Intermediate Fluid Art is a workshop for anyone
feeling confident in the basics of acrylic pouring.
Apart from having a world of fun in an environment
of like- minded people, in our second class, we will
delve deeper into potential alternatives to canvas.
Learn and practice new techniques, discuss
varnishing and sealant options for food safe items.
And bring all our knowledge together to create some
out of this world art to impress your friends with. Our
basic fluid art is a recommended prerequisite but not
essential. All Materials supplied. BYO apron to
protect clothing. No refund available for this class
due to material costs.
Location: Centre
Class Fee: $75 members, $80 non-members
No. of sessions: 1 Class Codes: FAI
Book Group
Thursdays 6 May, 3 June
10.30am 11.30am
Join in and tell us about any book you have read
recently, such as literacy classic, murder mystery,
biography or modern best seller. Meet new people
and find out about authors you may not have
considered before. Come along to the Centre or
zoom into the session from home for a casual hour
of talking about books. If you need help setting up
zoom Debra can help.
Location: Centre or on-line via zoom
Class Fee: $2 /session + annual membership $15
No. of sessions: 2 Class Code: BC
Computer Workshops
With Bob Cummings
Tuesday 11 May
10.00am 12 noon
Not sure how to operate your iPad or iPhone or got
a niggling problem and no one to ask? Then join this
workshop and get Bob to show you. Bob will run
through some basics to operate your device and you
will have an opportunity to ask questions as well. It
doesn’t matter whether you a complete novice or
just want to know that little bit more, this is the class
for you! Please bring your own iPad and/or iPhone,
ensure you have your password with you. Not
suitable for Samsung or Android users.
In this session Bob will also help users who have
just started using Windows 10 OS on laptop
computers and will also help others who may be
new to the PC (Personal Computer). Bob will
demonstrate how to use Windows 10 from how to
sign-in to how to shut down your PC. Windows 10 is
undoubtedly a bit different than the earlier versions
of Windows, especially for the absolute beginners. In
this session Bob will share some basic tips for using
Windows 10 to your best advantage. You will need
to bring your own laptop with Windows 10 installed
and you must have an up to date virus scanner.
Location: Centre
Class Fee: $10 members, $15 non members
No. of Workshops: 1 Class Code: IIC
Cooking Workshops
With Jill Bowen Hess
Monday 12 April
10.00am 12.00pm
Come along kids and have some cooking fun with
Jill, you know you will leave with a heap of goodies
to share with family and friends. Jill will show you
how to impress everyone with your yummy lunch
box, picnics and play time ideas. Quick and easy to
prepare, in season snacks, savoury and sweet.
YUMMO! Don’t forget to bring your aprons.
Location: Centre
Class Fee: $8 parent members, $10 non members
No. of Workshops: 1 Class Code: KC
Thank you to Yarra Ranges Council for supporting
this activity
With Jill Bowen Hess
Thursday 27 May
9.30am 12.00pm
As the days and nights become cooler what better
time to start cooking up some scrumptious in season
winter warmers. Easy to prepare dishes and great
for the freezer. Jill will demonstrate some easy,
impressive one-pot soups, snacks, mains and
Location: Centre
Class Fee: $30 members, $32 non members
No. of Workshops: 1 Class Code: CJ
With Jill Bowen Hess
Monday 24 May
6.30pm 9.00pm
Just the word ‘hearty’ makes you feel warmer! Join
Jill who will demonstrate in season winter warmers,
easy to prepare and great for the freezer. You will
impress family and friends with impressive one-pot
soups, snacks, mains and desserts.
Location Centre
Class Fee: $30 members, $32 non members
No. of Workshops: 1 Class Code: MK
Craft Workshops
With Denise Naffa
Mondays 19 April 21 June (excludes 14/6)
12.30pm 3.00pm
We are now combining our Sewing and Overlocking
classes so that you can attend on a weekly basis.
This will give you the opportunity to learn various
skills using both machines. If you would prefer to
attend fortnightly, this is still okay. Denise will teach
you the techniques that are required for the projects
you wish to make from start to finish. Bring along
your unfinished projects, or start new ones, whether
it be clothing or patchwork and/or quilting. Denise
has been sewing since a young child, has taught
Dressmaking & other classes for the past 12 years &
is an accomplished Seamstress who loves to share
her skills. Temporary use of a sewing machine or
overlocker is available for those wanting to trial
overlocking/sewing/quilting first before investing in
one. So come along and have some fun!
Location: Centre
Class Fee: $180 (or weekly $20) + annual
membership $15
No. of Workshops: 9 Class Code: OS
Last Tuesday of each month
Tuesdays 27 April, 25 May, 22 June
10.00am 12.30pm
Our knitting and crocheting social group is the ideal
group for all people to learn and share their knitting
and/or crocheting skills. Whether you’re a novice or
experienced in this traditional craft that is now
popular again, you are welcome. Pick up some
sticks and/or hooks, come along and get creative
with yarn.
Location: Centre
Class Fee: $2 per session+annual membership $15
No. of Workshops: 3 Class Code: SH
Digital Drawing
With Eastern Regional Libraries
Wednesday 12 May
10.00am 11.00am
Curious about digital art? Join us to see what all the
fuss is about! This beginner’s workshop focuses on
drawing using nothing but an iPad and stylus. All
levels of digital literacy and artistry welcome!
Location: Centre
Class Fee: $5 members, $8 non members
No. of Workshops: 1 Class Code: DD
Tutor Kathleen Tants
Saturday 29 May
10.00am 11.30am
Join Kathleen from KGC for a morning of food and
fairy magic. Create your own mini food garden and
why not add some fairy friends, mushrooms and
other magical items to enjoy while being able to eat
your produce too. All materials supplied. BYO apron
to protect clothing and gloves. Suitable for all ages.
For children attending a parent or guardian must be
present during workshop.
Location: Centre
Class Fee: $5 parent members, $8 parent non-
No. of sessions: 1 Class Codes: FFG
Thank you to Yarra Ranges Council for supporting
this activity
Are you a keen gardener or just enjoy pottering
around in the garden and chatting with other like-
minded people? Then we would love you to join our
Garden Group, all abilities and/or garden knowledge
welcome. Please register your interest with office.
Hi everyone,
Not that I am bragging but we worms are amazing
creatures. We are like a living fertiliser tube full of
countless beneficial bacteria and enzymes that help
sustain the life and fertility or our horticultural and
agricultural systems. We dig and aerate soil to allow
more water to soak in. So you can see how
important we are to ensure your soil is healthy. In
our home (worm farm) we can eat up to 3-4 kg of
your kitchen waste every week and the other great
thing about us is that we turn your waste into worm
castings (rich soil for your plants) and worm tea that
you can use as a liquid fertiliser to keep your garden
We are happy to munch on most food scraps but
please NO citrus, onions, garlic or meat. You can
access our home during centre office hours,
Monday, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays
9.00am 1.00pm. We look forward to tasting your
yummy treats soon.
Here are our tips for the autumn months ahead in
our gardens.
Five autumn jobs to get your garden
ship shape - by Greg Fahey
Get rid of weeds
Long days and summer rains are the perfect
conditions for weed growth, so theres probably
more in your garden that youd like. Work your
way around the beds pulling them out, roots and
all. Use a weed puller to remove any that are
well rooted. On the lawn, use a spray on weed
killer and fertiliser. It will not only kill the weeds
but also give your lawn a boost before winter.
Prune your trees
After excessive summer growth, your garden
might be looking a bit rough around the edges.
Prune trees and shrubs back into shape using a
sharp pair of secateurs. Make sure you give
them a good clean first and between plants to
prevent the spread of any diseases through the
Start a compost heap
With all those weeds and tree trimmings lying
around, now is the perfect time to start a
compost heap. You dont need to have a special
compost bin or contained area but this helps
keep things tidy. Amongst your garden clippings,
throw in all your kitchen waste. A healthy
compost heap needs a wide variety of
ingredients. Also include some soil and mature
compost which will add beneficial organisms to
the heap and help get things started. Water
occasionally and use a garden fork to turn it
regularly to allow oxygen to aerate the heap.
Start a herb garden
Apart from Basil, pretty much every herb thrives
during autumn. You dont even need a garden
either! Herbs grow just as well in pots or even
on a sunny windowsill. Make sure the soil is well
drained and improve it first using compost. Avoid
the use of composted manures which can
reduce the flavour of your herbs. If planting in
pots, use a quality potting mix and make sure
the pot is large enough that it will give the herb
room to grow.
Put it to bed
Now that youve gotten rid of weeds, tidied up
and started something new, you can put a big
winter blanket over your garden with a layer of
fresh mulch. This will help the soil retain any
moisture it has and reduce the regrowth of those
pesky weeds. It also helps the soil retain
warmth, which will help keep it healthy. Use a
hay or straw mulch which adds nutrients to the
soil as it breaks down.
Months marked in green are suitable for planting any
of the following vegetables
Bok Choy
Broad Bean
Brussel Sprouts
Jerusalem Artichoke
Kohl Rabi
Mustard Greens
Pak Choy
Snow Peas
Health and Wellbeing Classes
With Liz Laver
Thursdays 22 April 24 June
6.15pm 7.15pm
This class is an introduction to basic aerobic moves.
Improve your fitness in this enjoyable anyone-can-
do low impact aerobics class. It’s a great way to get
fit and learn some easy moves while working on
your cardio fitness. Beginners welcome.
Location: Centre
Class Fee: $130 + annual membership $15
No. sessions: 10 Class Codes: AC
With Estelle Coombe-Heath
Tuesdays 4 May 25 May
5.30pm 6.15pm NEW
In this 4 week workshop you will get the chance to
pause, take a breath and clear your mind with the
help of calming breathing techniques and guided
meditations. Science is recognising that proper
breathing is essential for health. Targeted breathing
exercises can actually boost our immunity and
improve our overall health. Learning how to breathe
is one factor that reduces our susceptibility to getting
sick. Breathing improves circulation and blood flow
to the brain, and activates our parasympathetic
nervous system, which means that our brain gets
the message to relax.
You will learn - how to use your breath to instantly
get rid of stress and manage your emotions; calming
breathing technique to quiet and relax the mind,
preparing it for deep meditation; a real experience of
meditation to effortlessly cut the vicious cycle of
thoughts, leaving your mind focused, clear and
Here are some things to consider before the
session: wear comfortable clothing for breath work;
pants that are tight around the waist are not suitable;
bring a sleeping mask if you would like to cover your
eyes; only eat a light meal beforehand and limit
caffeine consumption on the day.
The workshop includes:
Classes with an experienced mindfulness teacher;
access to a free meditation and breath work app;
downloadable guided breath work meditations for
you to keep; a guidebook to help you keep the
practice going between sessions
Location: Centre or on-line via zoom
Class Fee: 52 + annual membership $15
No. sessions: 4 Class Codes: BM
Connecting with others is
important for our mental
Health and Wellbeing Classes
With Michelle Redman
Mondays 19 April 7 June
11.00am 12.00pm
Lengthen, elasticise, mobilise, strengthen and soften
your connective tissue your fascia. Enhance,
support and sustain your posture. Increase flexibility,
agility and decrease pain. All movement mundane or
athletic, involves your fascia meridians. Using the
latest information, come and learn simple exercises
to improve fascia movement. Using the fascia
meridians as a guide, become body aware. Become
agile improve your reflexes and balance. These
sessions are full of simple flowing stretches inspired
from Yoga and Pilates, standing, kneeling and on
the floor. Ball props required and available for sale,
mats provided.
Location: Centre
Class Fee: $112 + annual membership $15
No. sessions: 8 Class Codes: FSM
With Michelle Redman
Tuesdays 20 April 8 June
11.00am 12 00pm
Qigong is an ancient Traditional Chinese medicine
self-healing practice. Qigong will energise you with
easy stretching and graceful movement, calm you
with breath connection, sound vibration, offer self-
insight, and cultivate space, lightness and stillness
for the body, mind and emotions. Integrative Qigong
is a contemporary approach to the original Qigong
form. The focus of this practice is conscious
breathing, precise movement and mindfulness
awareness. It is a standing practice for mindfulness
meditation that explores energy flow Qi, through
slow stretches, flowing movement that are
connected to the breath.
Location: Centre
Class Fee: $112 + annual membership $15
No. sessions: 8 Class Codes: IQ
Please note minimum enrolment
numbers apply and will vary across
all classes and workshops.
The Centre reserves the right to
cancel a class or workshop should
the minimum enrolment numbers
not be met. In the event a class or
workshop is cancelled, a full refund
will be issued.
Health and Wellbeing Classes
With Sandy Clinton
Mondays 19 April 21 June (excludes 3/5 &14/6)
9.30am 10.30am
The key to lifelong optimal function is supported by
regular exercise, brain stimulation and having fun!
Do all 3 at once when you join us to enjoy gentle
exercise, music and laughter. Your Doctor is
probably telling you how important it is to exercise,
keep your brain stimulated and maintain a social
network. This can be challenging if you have a
chronic illness or condition that slows you down. We
will do seated movement to upbeat music and play
brain games. Suitable for all body types and
capacities. Research confirms this is an effective
way to improve your physical and cognitive health,
and lift your spirits. You will learn simple tips and
tricks to support your ongoing health and well-being.
Free try-out session available.
Location: Centre or online via zoom
Class Fee: $80 + annual membership $15
No. of sessions: 8 Class Code: MMM
With Michelle Redman
Fridays 23 April 11 June
9.30am 10.30am (sorry this class is full)
Would you like to build core stability, abdominal and
back strength? Increase flexibility, muscle power
and help prevent osteoporosis? Michelle’s weight
training and Pilates exercise classes will do the trick.
Mats available, BYO weights.
Location: McCoombe Room
Class Fee: $112 + annual membership $15
No. sessions: 8 Class Codes: PF
With Vicky Kamakaris
Tuesdays 20 April 22 June
8.30am 9.30am
Thursdays 22 April 24 June
8.30am 9.30am
These classes will rectify & strengthen the body &
achieve sustainable results. Experience a great
workout, strengthen your core, and improve
flexibility, balance & posture. Alleviate back, neck,
hip, shoulder & knee pain. Mats available,
Location: Tues-Centre, Thur-McCoombe Rm
Class Fee: Tues $140 + annual membership $15
Thurs $140 + annual membership $15
No. sessions: 10 & 10 Class Codes: PT8, PTH
Not sure about a weekly class!
Then pay for a session and give the class a
trial before committing to a full term. Must
book through the Centre.
Health and Wellbeing Classes
With Liz Laver
Thursdays 22 April 24 June
5.00pm 6.00pm NEW
Are you feeling stiff or have poor mobility? Then
come along and try the stretch for mobility class and
improve your range of movement through relaxed
stretching. Reduce joint discomfort and release
muscle tension through easy stretches. All levels
catered for.
Location: Centre
Class Fee: $130 + annual membership $15
No. sessions: 10 Class Codes: SFM
With Vicky Kamakaris
Wednesdays 21 April 23 June
9.00am 10.00am
These exercise classes’ suit women and men with a
wide range of fitness levels. Get fit, strong & healthy
in an enjoyable way. Increase your vitality through
stretching & strengthening for total wellbeing.
Location: Centre
Class Fee: Wed $140 + annual membership $15
No. of sessions: 10 Class Code: SSW
With Estelle Coombe-Heath
Tuesdays 20 April 22 June
9.45am 10.45am
Join Estelle in these classes to strengthen and
streamline your body, clear and calm your mind,
cultivate great posture, athletic performance and
body/mind awareness.
Location: Centre or on-line via zoom
Class Fee: Tues $130 + annual membership $15
No. of sessions: 10 Class Code: VIN
With Estelle Coombe-Heath
Tuesdays 20 April 22 June
6.30pm 7.30pm
The ultimate mind-body practice for all levels. This
deeply nourishing class will release tension, improve
range of movement, cultivate stillness & relax the
mind. Each week there will be a different theme
and/or anatomical focus, exploring a series of floor-
based postures to target on the ‘yin’ connective
tissues of the body-fascia joints, ligaments, tendons,
as well as the subtle energy systems of the body
(Qi/prana). Estelle blends traditional eastern healing
practices with western therapeutic techniques to
gently restore physical, mental & emotional balance.
Location: McCoombe Room or on-line via zoom
Class Fee: Tues $130 + annual membership $15
No. of sessions: 10 Class Code: YY
Hearing Health Check
With Hearing Australia
“I say I hear the Hearing Check Van will be at the
Living & Learning Centre”
“What’s that you say?”
“The Hearing Van will be at the Living & Learning
“Oh good I can get my hearing checked”
Tuesday 4 May
8.30am 12.00pm
How well do you hear? Find out with our friends at
Hearing Australia who will be conducting hearing
checks on their hearing van. Take the first step
toward rediscovering the sounds you love!’
Hearing Australia is a Federal Government agency
and provides subsidised hearing services under the
Australian Government’s Hearing Services
Programme. Services offered include hearing
assessments, hearing aid fitting and on-going follow
up care.
As part of the program we have a hearing van that
we take into communities to offer free hearing
checks and to promote hearing health awareness.
The hearing checks take around 15 minutes to
complete and the team from Hearing Australia are
able to guide visitors through possible next steps to
take in regards to their hearing program.
As well as having a hearing check, visitors to the
bus can also find information on a range of common
hearing issues and view a display of easy-to-use
hearing devices for around the home. These include
headsets for watching TV, alert systems for
doorbells and a range of telephones.
Location: YGDLLC car park, Yarra Glen
Class Fee: FREE (No bookings required)
No. sessions: 1
Tuesdays 20 April 22 June
2.00pm 4.00pm
The History group will have an open meeting each
Tuesday afternoon during term: members of the
community who are interested in local history are
encouraged to come along either regularly or as
individual needs arise. If you are interested in
helping to organise and collate parts of our
collection, undertake research, help extend our
Online Encyclopedia, or just learn about local history
you are most welcome. Individual visits are welcome
from those seeking help with family history; history
of a house; a street; or a local organisation; or other
query of local history. We look forward to welcoming
Location: YGDLLC, Yarra Glen
Class Fee: $2 per visit
No. of Workshops: 10 Class Code: HG
Lighting up the town
Among the many beautiful autumn colours in the
district during the last few weeks you may have
noticed the yellow glow of the golden poplars
along the road to the Recreation Reserve.
These trees were planted in 1935 by the Yarra
Glen Progress Association in honour of Councillor
Albert Price who was instrumental in getting
electricity connected at Yarra Glen.
It took more than seven years from the first
proposal for an electricity supply to the town until
connection to the grid was achieved. In the late
1920s councillors representing the East Riding of
the Eltham Shire Council had asked that electricity
be supplied to the township of Yarra Glen,
specifically to provide street lighting. Oil-fired
lamps were then in use which one local referred to
as being as effective as ‘red hot pokers’.
The first plans included a local generation plant
but the cost was prohibitive. In the meantime the
mains grid was extended to Healesville via
Lilydale and it became feasible to install a branch
line to Yarra Glen from Yering. The local Progress
Association had the task of finding sufficient local
residents to commit to subscribing to the service
to guarantee an annual revenue of £300. With a
population of about 400 this was a challenge. It
was Cr Albert Price, who represented the South
Riding, not the East Riding of the Eltham Shire,
who did “all in his power” to help and encourage
the community to get behind the scheme. He
attended community meetings at Yarra Glen and
provided detailed information. The Eltham Shire
guaranteed £50 per annum for the operation of
ten street lights that would light up 30 minutes
after sundown until midnight.
The poles and wires were erected by February
1934 to homes and business premises. In King,
Oliver and Sayle Streets and Armstrong Grove,
the poles were 9 feet from the fence line. On the
Eltham-Yarra Glen Road the distance was 4 feet
in order to save the gum trees along the road.
Local people were now excited at the prospect of
electric lights, fans, irons, wireless sets and the
On Thursday 15
March 1934 the town celebrated
with a function at the Memorial Hall to switch on
the electricity.
At 8:55p.m.the township presented a
dreary appearance, there being only one
oil street light burning outside the Memorial
Hall, its fitful rays illuminating the great
concourse assembled in front of the hall.
At 9 p.m. sharp there was a blaze of
illumination, the street lamps being brightly
illuminated by electric light the contrast
proving a revelation never to be forgotten
… The Memorial Hall was thrown into relief
by coloured festoons and flood lights.
Motorists and others travelling to
Healesville no doubt speculated as to
where the bright lights were situated….
Advertiser (Hurstbridge) 29 Mar 1934
A year later, at the July meeting of the Eltham
Council Mr J. P. Corkill of the Yarra Glen Progress
Association requested
that in recognition of the
services given by Cr. A.H. Price in
regard to the installation of electricity
at Yarra Glen, the association was
desirable that an avenue of trees be
planted in the Water Reserve, and to
be known as Price Avenue.
Mr W. J. McCartney of Malvern
offered fifty or more golden poplars
for the avenue. The council granted
the request and accepted the
Advertiser (Hurstbridge) 5 Jul 1935
For 85 years these trees have been a striking
feature of the town, particularly in autumn when
their blaze of yellow brightens the southern entry to
the township or they are viewed from the vicinity of
the Grand Hotel in the main street. Only half the
original trees remain, but they still provide a lovely
However, despite Council approval in 1935, the
Avenue has never been officially named. In 2018
the Yarra Glen & District Historical Society (now the
History continued
Yarra Glen & District Living & Learning Centre’s
History Group) made a proposal to the Yarra
Ranges Council that this oversight should be
corrected. At present the road can only be identified
as “the road that leads to the Recreation Reserve”.
Furthermore, by associating the avenue of trees
with the important milestone of electricity supply to
the community it gives additional importance to the
preservation of these lovely trees.
In May 2019 the Historical Society was advised that
“…following an investigation of naming and the
navigation of emergency services in the area,
Council has decided not to pursue naming the
driveway surrounding the football oval at the Yarra
Glen Recreation Reserve.”
It will be a shame if these trees, so appropriate to
the milestone event of ‘lighting’ up the township,
are not cared for, preserved and replaced as
needed and Cr Price duly recognised for his
considerable contribution to the town.
With Sylvie Polge
Thursdays 29 April 17 June
7.15pm 8.15pm
Bienvenue to your new venture!
Have you always dreamt of speaking French? Well
here is your opportunity. These French classes are
for beginners. Enrol now to learn how to speak the
most romantic language in the world! Sylvie was
born in France and now resides in Yarra Glen and
has been teaching French for 21 years.
Location: Centre
Class Fee: $144 + annual membership $15
No. of Workshops: 8 Class Code: FBE
With Sylvie Polge
Thursdays 29 April 17 June
6.00pm 7.00pm
Bonjour! Do you want to take your spoken French
to the next level? Learn how to adapt your French to
different scenarios and more about French culture.
Sylvie is passionate about sharing her love of
France and the French language and has been
delivering French lessons here in Australia for 21
years. Classes are suited to those who can already
speak French and is a mix of semi beginners to
advanced level. At the end of this terms classes you
will be speaking French with confidence and style.
Location: Centre
Class Fee: $144 + annual membership $15
No. of Workshops: 8 Class Code: FBA
With Allan Gibson
Thursdays 29 April 24 June
Fridays 30 April 25 June
Half hour individual class delivered 12.00pm 4.30pm
(Thursdays) and 12.00pm 3.30pm (Fridays)
Learn to master the guitar, saxophone or flute.
Learning to play an instrument can be a challenge
but with Allan’s support and guidance you will soon
be mastering it! Allan Gibson is an experienced
guitar, saxophone and flute musician with 20 years
teaching experience. Classes are available for
children and/or adults with guitar, saxophone or flute
skills ranging from beginners to intermediate level.
Location: Centre or on-line via zoom
Individual 30 minute lesson: $35 per lesson +
annual membership $15
No. of sessions: 9 & 9 Class Code: G
Personal Skills Development
With KMR Safety First (RTO 22485)
Provide First Aid (HLTAID003) accredited
Friday 14 May
9.00am 4.00pm
A nationally accredited course designed to provide
knowledge & skills to the first aider in order to apply
& perform emergency resuscitation & first aid
procedures within the first few minutes after a life
threatening incident. The first aider will be able to
coordinate an emergency situation as well as
perform first aid for common injuries & illnesses. You
are required to complete the pre-course assessment
on-line prior to commencement of this workshop.
Location: YGDLLC, Yarra Glen
Class Fee: $155
CPR (HLTAID001) accredited
Please note if you just need to update your CPR,
this will be covered in the afternoon session,
A nationally recognised unit of competency designed
to provide knowledge and skills to perform the
essential life saving techniques of Cardiopulmonary
Resuscitation (CPR)
Location: YGDLLC, Yarra Glen
Class Fee: $60
Bookings for all first aid workshops direct on the
Safety First website:
Important: Unique Student Identifier (USI)
It is a requirement that all students studying
Nationally Recognised Training in Australia from 1st
January 2015, must have a USI to receive their
statement of attainment or qualification. If you don’t
already hold a USI you can find more information
and work through the quick application process at
Other important information when enrolling:
Please have your details ready to complete your
enrolment in a timely manner from start to finish.
Leaving your enrolment in the middle of the process
will result in a time out.
Be sure to check your email address is accurate, or
you will not receive a confirmation of registration
CPR is included in the Provide First Aid course; you
are not required to complete an enrolment for CPR if
you are completing First Aid
Once registered, participants will receive an email
confirmation with pre-assessment questions
Completed questions need to be brought to the
session for correction.
Please note, you do not need to complete the final
online assessment, only complete the pdf questions
attached to your confirmation email. Please contact
us on 9718 1733.
Social Events and Gatherings
Monday 19 April, 17 May, 21 June
9.00am 12.00 noon
A program of COTAVIC, the Council on the Ageing
Victoria, OM:NI groups are a meeting point for men
as they approach retirement age and in the years to
follow. At OM:NI you can meet, talk and laugh with
other men your age. You will share about things of
importance to you; discuss a topic of theme set by
the group; entertain and encourage each other and
you may even find you have something to teach
others and something you may learn from others. A
cuppa and bickies available.
Location: Centre
Fee: $2 per session + annual membership $15
No. of Workshops: 3 Class Code: OM
Social Events and Gatherings
Last Tuesday of each month
Tuesdays 27 April, 25 May, 22 June
10.00am 12.30pm
Our knitting and crocheting social group is the ideal
group for all people to learn and share their knitting
and/or crocheting skills. Whether you’re a novice or
experienced in this traditional craft that is now
popular again, you are welcome. Pick up some
sticks and/or hooks, come along and get creative
with yarn.
Location: YGDLLC, Yarra Glen
Class Fee: $2 per session+annual membership $15
No. of Workshops: 3 Class Code: SH
Our annual membership fee is $15.
All memberships expire on 31 December each year.
Voting at our Annual General Meeting (AGM)
All members will have voting rights at the AGM.
Our Book Room
Be inspired with our massive collection of fictional
and non-fictional books, special interests and
magazines of all sorts. All members have access to
our Book Room, based on an honesty system. Visit
during our Office opening hours Mondays,
Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays 9.00am
1.00pm or have a browse before or after one of your
class visits. All book donations are welcome.
Thank you Henry for your ongoing dedication to
ensuring our book room is kept organised and
tidy making it easy for our members to locate
their favourite authors.
Community Groups
Community Walking Group
Fridays 8.15am ready to set off at 8.30am
An informal walking group meets each Friday at the
Memorial Hall car park for a local walk. The walk
takes approximately an hour. Participants are
responsible for their own health and safety
Mens Shed
Are you interested in learning more about the Yarra
Glen & District Men’s Shed? If so please contact the
Secretary on 0400 522 728 or email:
Yarra Glen Bowls Club
Enjoy an exciting social game of bowls, for any
fitness level. No experience needed, coaching on
the day. Wear flat sole shows or enjoy a game of
barefoot bowls! Call 9730 1718 for further
information and bookings.
Community Groups
Yarra Glen Venom Basketball Club
Yarra Glen Basketball Club is a relatively new club
started only in 2017. We now offer team positions for
boys and girls of all ages and abilities. U8’s to U21’s.
We operate locally with training at The Gary Cooper
Pavilion, Anzac Ave Weeknights. Awarded Club of
the year 2018-2019 Kilsyth Basketball Association.
Mark- 0459 210 730
Friends and Relations of Gulf Station
F.R.O.G.S are a group of volunteers who contribute
to the conservation of Gulf Station. They provide
support by helping staff with activities such as:
Conducting house tours
Demonstrating classic skills and crafts
Education Program, guiding school groups
Assisting with special event fundraising
F.R.O.G.S welcome new volunteers. If you are
interested please call Pam on 9876 6083.
There is always more room in the pond!
Seniors Group
The YG Seniors Group was established approximately
40 years ago, meets weekly on Tuesdays 1.00pm to
3.30pm at the YG Memorial Hall. A varied program of
activities, visiting other groups, meeting for a movie,
playing bowls, luncheon outings or even a garden tour.
Lots of laughs & a great way to socialise & connect
with other community members. New members
welcome, contact Di on 0429 057 940 for more detail.
Toy Library
Did you know we have a toy library in Yarra Glen? You
can borrow a vast array of well-made toys that have
been designed to support your child’s skill
development & imagination? Great for parties too!
Located in the Memorial Hall and open: Saturdays
9.30am - 11.00am during school terms and the 2nd
Thursday in the month 4.00pm 7.00pm.
Call Therese on 0414 456 991 for more details
Vixens of the Valley Red Hat Society
Wednesdays 3
of each month
This is a social group for women in the Yarra Valley.
Enquiries:Noela 59621048 Wednesdays after 5.00pm.
Yarra Glen Tennis Club
The Yarra Glen Club is a community based club that
welcomes new players of all ages and abilities.
Competitive tennis
Social Tennis on a Sunday morning
Access to a Coaching team
Cardio Tennis and ANZ Hot Shots
If you would like to find out more information or
ask about alternative options please contact us
on or Scheryl on 0417
528 704 or Denise on 0408 633 394.
Happy Hitting!
Community Messages
Message from Sergeant Richard
Coulson, Station Commander
Yarra Glen Police Station
Fire Season: Although this year’s fire season has
been off to a very slow start comparative to other
years, the fire danger period was declared on the 8
February and at this time will go until the 1 May.
Residents are reminded to observe the
restrictions. There have been of instances in Yarra
Ranges where people detected burning off have
been interviewed and summonsed to court. The fire
restrictions are there for everyone’s protection and
there is no discretion around any breaches
detected. All CFA call outs for fires lit during the fire
restriction period will result in a police call out and
investigation. Heftier penalties apply for any fires lit
on a total fire band day.
Link for the CFA “can I or can’t I” for fire restriction
Hoon Activity: In the Yarra Valley there has been a
targeted focus on hoon activity and vehicles doing
burnouts which is occurring particularly late at night.
To target the issue, police have commenced
Operation Deliver. Anyone with any information
regarding hoon activity is requested to contact
Crimestoppers. If any hoon/burnout activity is
occurring at the time, members of the public are
requested to contact 000 and report the matter and
obtain any vehicle details, registration numbers if
safe to do so. Police may not always be able to
immediately respond, but if a police unit happens to
be in the local area at the time of a call, this may
result in an offender being detected and intercepted.
There have recently been a number of vehicles
impounded in the Yarra Valley area for hoon
behaviour which often places other road users at
significant risk.
Yarra Ranges Police Service
Eyewatch aims to empower to participate in crime
prevention activities and ensure community safety.
Learn the latest safety and crime prevention
information. Like the Yarra Ranges Eyewatch
Facebook page to stay informed of local issues.
Did you know that when you require a police
response it is best to call 000 instead of our local
station? Apart from the fact the station is not always
staffed, all calls to 000 are recorded and this may
help to support the need for more police to be
stationed in our area.
Community Messages
Yarra Glen Fire Brigade
Smoke Alarms
Only working smoke alarms save lives.
Are you sick of hearing the sound of a nagging
smoke alarm? Change your old smoke alarms to a
new unit with a lithium battery that has a 10 year
New smoke alarms that have a 10 year lifespan
ensure families can feel the highest level of security.
Working smoke alarms are your best defence
against preventable residential fires, especially
during the night, when people lose their sense of
smell. These new alarms provide the security of
knowing you and your family are protected, while
also ensuring you’re not interrupted every year with
a nagging smoke alarm.
Why should I have a smoke alarm?
When you‘re asleep you lose your sense of smell. A
smoke alarm is your electronic nose. It will alert you
if there is smoke from a fire. A small fire can grow to
involve an entire room in just two to three minutes. A
smoke alarm provides early warning and time to
Smoke alarms for the deaf and hard of hearing
A specialised smoke alarm is available for people
who are deaf or hard of hearing. Due to the cost of
this type of smoke alarm, the Department of Human
Services may be able to provide financial assistance
via a subsidy. For more information
contact Expression Australia.
Community Reading Room
The Yarra Glen Community Reading Room is open
6 days a week for your convenience. Join the
Eastern Regional Library (for FREE) and you can
then order items (books, DVD's, audio books and
CD's) from the libraries large range and have them
delivered to Yarra Glen Community Reading Room
for pick up and you can return your items there too.
Now that’s a great service! Free Wi-Fi also available.
The Reading Room has a range of books, DVDs,
audio books and CD's for all ages and interests in
the Reading Room for you to select from.
We also have a jigsaw puzzle set up waiting for you
to help put together. So if you have a bit of time to
spare, please come in and add a piece or two.
Our friendly team, Christina, Eunice, Carol, Rhonda,
Lorraine, Jennifer, Bob, Bedelia, Sandy, Joyce, Ros,
Julie and Lisa welcome you and are available to
help you if required.
Opening Hours
Monday Friday
10.00am 4.00pm
10.00am 12 noon
(excluding all Public Holidays and the
Christmas/New Year period)
Program Collection Locations
Copies of our programs can be picked up from the
Centre, Bendigo Bank, Coldstream Newsagent/Post
Office, Community Reading Room, IGA, Lilydale
Airport, Newsagent, Post Office, Yarra Glen Medical
Centre or you can review the program on our web
page at:
Thank You
A huge THANK YOU to all our partners and supporters
for their support in making many of our programs possible
and/or supporting the centre in other financial ways.
Yarra Ranges Council
Active Neighbourhoods
Musculoskeletal Australia
Freemasons Foundation Vic Ltd
Bartosh Internet Design
Holman Industries
Ritchies IGA Yarra Glen
A huge THANK YOU to all our partners for their ongoing
Yarra Glen CFA, Basketball Club, Historical Society,
Melba Support Services, Men’s Shed, Pre-School, RSL,
Senior Citizens Group, Tennis Club, Toy Library
Enrolment and Membership Form
12-14 Anzac Avenue Yarra Glen 3775, PO Box 396 Yarra Glen 3775, Phone 9730 2887 Email
ABN: 23 751 689 832 INCORPORATED NUMBER: A4015
Confidentiality Information collected by the Centre will be used for statistical purposes and shared with local government as a condition
of our funding and will be kept strictly confidential. A copy of our Privacy Policy is available upon request.
Our Vision
To provide a safe welcoming environment where skills and ideas are shared. To make a difference to
people’s life. To provide people with a greater sense of wellbeing and belonging.
Our Mission
Keeping our community connected by generating a greater sense of wellbeing.
Please complete all enrolment details below
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Class/Workshop Codes and Fees
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Cash Cheque Direct Transfer BSB: 633 000 Account Number: 130 256 902
Please include your name and class code for reference. Please note, a 10% surcharge will apply for
late fees for ongoing classes.
If you have any special needs please talk to our staff about how we can support your participation in our classes/workshops.
Member Agreement
As a member of the Yarra Glen & District Living & Learning Centre, I agree to:
a. Be subject to the Yarra Glen & District Living & Learning Centre Inc. Constitution 2012
b. Be bound by the Policy and Procedures of Yarra Glen & District Living & Learning Centre Inc.
c. Support the Purposes of the Association as outlined in the Yarra Glen & District Living & Learning Centre Inc.
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