Personal Culture/Personal Journey
5th Grade Students and Teachers
Deep Equity Leads and YES Stewards
Soulful, inspired, brave and inclusive space
Share stories of who we are and where we come from
Become a community of leaders and learners
Conclude in the One Beat Activity
Creative Expression
An experiential, arts-based process focused on engaging youth and
adults as advocates for building soulful, inspired and inclusive learning
An opportunity to gain the youth perspective and a wider diversity lens
for recognizing and eliminating educational disparities.
A mindset centered on growing empathy at the personal and
organizational levels.
A model that builds leadership capacity and multi-generational
collaboration to support authentic school improvement efforts.
Two-Day Elementary Program:
Day 1
Day 2
Use creativity as a strategy for challenging bullying
Develop an inclusive and inspiring environment for all
Develop tools to challenge insensitive language and put downs
Conclude in the One Beat Activity
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FORM 2 YES Youth Participation Form To be completed by the parent or guardian for each youth
October 2019
YES is an arts-based series that ignites a creative energy in students to lead social change. Participants will expand their view of
leadership, heighten their awareness of community, and gain knowledge and empathy to support the kind of action they wish to take to
make a positive impact in their school community and beyond. Days will open with music to set the tone for creativity and trust, and
end artistically with participants sharing their voices, reflections, and stories.
How will students be engaged in YES workshops?
The YES program consists of a series of workshops conducted over the course of the school year at times approved by
the school/district.
Students are expected to participate in all workshops.
t participants are selected for the program by school/district staff (administrators and/or teachers) to reflect the diversity of
the school or district.
YES workshops are led by two certified YES consultants and will include at least two school/district staff members (teachers,
counselors, and/or administrators).
The school/district staff will supervise the students throughout the program and its activities and will respond in accordance with
school/district policies.
The school/district has approved all aspects of the program including its agenda and activities.
YES participants are expected to respectfully communicate and engage in appropriate interactions with other participants and
with the YES consultants.
I understand and agree to the following in order for my student to participate in the YES program:
Student and parent/guardian below have completed, signed, and
agreed to the terms in this Youth Participation Form
(“Release”). This form will be the student’s entry ticket into participation in the YES program.
participants are required to participate actively in each workshop for the duration of the program. Students requesting to opt
out of activities or out of signing the Release will not be selected for program participation.
YES participant may dismissed from the program by school/district staff if the student does not follow the terms of this Youth
Participation Form and/or school/district policies or guidelines.
Corwin will receive a copy of this Youth Participant Form (Release).
Student Signature
Signature of Parent/Guardian
Parent/Guardian Email
Address of School/District Organization
Print Student Name and Grade
Print Parent/Guardian Name
Parent/Guardian Address
Name of School/District/Organization
Corwin file reference (name and date of project/event):
2455 Teller Road, Thousand Oaks, CA 91320
Youth Equity Stewardship (YES) Program
Youth Participation Form
Corwin file reference (name and date of project/event):
Rev. 10.03.19
Corwin Press, Inc.
2455 Teller Road, Thousand Oaks, CA 91320
During the course of the Youth Equity Stewardship program (the “Program”), Corwin Press, Inc. (“Corwin”)
intends to shoot video footage and take photographs during Program activities, which may be used for
educational, commercial and/or marketing/promotional purposes, containing photographs, video scenes,
interviews, and/or events in which my child, named below, performs, participates, is portrayed, and/or appears
recognizably and/or may contain my child’s intellectual and/or creative works (“Works”). Corwin may also collect
samples of my child’s Works during the course of the Program.
For good and valuable consideration, the receipt and sufficiency of which is hereby acknowledged, I hereby
authorize Corwin, its imprints, affiliates, licensees, assignees, and authorized agents (collectively, the “Corwin
Parties”) to photograph, record, transcribe and/or otherwise reproduce and depict my child’s name, voice, visual
likeness, and statements made by my child (collectively, “Likeness”) and Works, and to exhibit, distribute, transmit
and/or otherwise utilize any and all such reproductions containing my child’s Likeness and Works in any manner
whatsoever, altered as Corwin may see fit, in any and all media now or hereafter known, throughout the world in
perpetuity. For the avoidance of doubt, I hereby transfer and assign to Corwin any copyright I may own in any
such photographs, audio-video footage, transcriptions, and/or reproductions containing my child’s Likeness and
Works. The rights granted hereunder are granted for the entire world and shall inure in perpetuity.
Further, I grant to Corwin the non-exclusive, perpetual right and permission to include the Works within and in
conjunction with its print and multimedia educational products, including for marketing/promotional purposes in
support of such products, in all languages and formats now known or later developed, throughout the world.
I hereby forever release the Corwin Parties from any claims that may arise regarding the use of my child’s
Likeness and Works, including, without limitation, any claims of rights of publicity, invasion of privacy, portrayal of
false light, defamation, infringement of moral rights, or copyright infringement.
I hereby warrant that I am over the age of 18, have the right to contract in my child’s name, and have read and
understand this Student Participant Filming Release and Permission Form (“Release”) and all of its terms.
This Release sets forth the entire agreement between the parties, and supersedes any prior agreements or
understandings, oral or written. This Release is governed by the laws of the State of California, without regard to
principles of conflict of laws.
As the parent/legal guardian of the minor aged child named below, I consent to all of the terms and conditions of
this Release.
Child’s Name:
School Name:
City and State of School:
Parent/Guardian Name:
Parent/Guardian Signature:
Parent/Guardian Address:
FORM 3 YES Student Participant Filming release and Permission Form
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