Wreath Laying Ceremony Request
The cemetery is a site of peaceful remembrance. In order to keep the solemnity of the site,
formal wreath-laying ceremonies will be offered daily at selected times only.
If your group does not lay a wreath at the Memorial, but simply flowers at gravesites,
do not request a Wreath Laying Ceremony. Thank you.
Name of Requester _________________________ Date of Requested Ceremony _________________
Name of Company _____________________________________ ___________________________
E-Mail Address _________________________________@____________________________________
Group Reference/Name ___________________________________ No. of Participants ____________
We accept forms up to 15 days in advance; forms submitted beyond 15 days will not be reviewed.
Please indicate the preferred time below:
WINTER SEASON [October 1 to March 31 ]
First choice AM □ 11:30 PM □ 14:30
Second choice AM □ 11:30 PM □ 14:30
SUMMER SEASON [ April 1 to September 30 ]
First choice AM □ 10:30 □ 11:30 PM 14:30 15:30
Second choice AM □ 10:30 □ 11:30 PM □ 14:30 □ 15:30
If your first choice is not available, you can consider an alternative time ; please then select a second choice option.
Contacts Us @ : NormandyVisits@abmc.gov : +33(0)2 31 51 62 00
This part will be filled by the cemetery Date of Confirmation: ___________________
Request Approved? YES NO Approver’s Signature: ___________________
For the ceremony:
Bring this confirmation with you to provide it to the cemetery staff if requested
Please arrive 10 minutes prior to the ceremony time
If your group is delayed, please contact the cemetery as soon as possible
Ceremonies will be cancelled for delays greater than 15 minutes
Groups are responsible for ensuring that floral decoration are purchased and delivered for the ceremony
Please remind your groups that the cemetery is a sacred place. Ask your customers to keep voices down,
to behave in a respectful manner, and to primarily use the pathways to protect the grass.
Thank you for honoring the past.
Write the month in letters, Thank You.
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