My withdrawal
Eective date ___________________________________________
Reason: Family Medical Personal Academic
MTEL Maternity Financial Work
Military Service Classes I need not oered
TEMPORARY withdrawal for:
Fall Spring Summer Year: __________________
PERMANENT withdrawal from Cambridge College
Transfer to another institution
Reason for transfer ___________________________________
Moving Other ___________________________________
Discuss plans
with your academic advisor/professional seminar leader.
Contact Bursar and Financial Aid
Oces to determine if a refund is due
or if tuition payment must be made. Students are responsible for any nancial aid
funds that are cancelled, including any refunds already received.
See leave/withdrawal policies
Academic – in the Academic Catalog, see Academic Policies.
Bursar – in the Academic Catalog, see Refunds and Repayment.
By signing, I acknowledge
that I understand the relevant policies
and the eect of my withdrawal on my nancial aid and tuition liability, and still request
to drop/withdraw from all courses and leave the College (temporarily or permanently).
I understand that I must participate in nancial aid exit counseling.
Student Signature
on paper printout or electronic* _______________________________________
Date _____________________________________________________________
*Please see electronic signature options on the Registrar's web page
rev. 05/01/20
Withdrawal From College
This form must be submitted to Registrar
to receive any reduction of tuition liability.
Financial aid exit counseling required.
cc: Financial Aid
Course # / Section
e.g.WRT101 CA01 COURSE TITLE Instructor
List here the courses to DROP/WITHDRAW from NOW.
Student Contact Information
Last name _________________________________________ First name _________________________________ Middle name _________________________
Phone _______________________________________
After completing form submit it to:
Registrar's Oce
Cambridge College
500 Rutherford Avenue
Boston, MA 02129
Or email to:
Or fax to:
Registrar's Oce
Cambridge College
500 Rutherford Avenue
Boston, MA 02129
Phone: 617.873.0101
Fax: 617.242.0026
Student ID#________________________
Your Cambridge College Location
Puerto Rico
Southern California
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