All students are required to complete the following information (front and back) and submit to the Winona
Hall Staff. It is important that this form be filled out completely. Students must obtain clearance from the
Student Conduct Office for consideration into Winona Hall. Verification of GPAs will be done by the Resi-
dential Housing Office once grades have posted at the end of the semester.
Last Name First Name MI
Personal Information
Address City State ZIP
Phone Number Email Address
Date of Birth
Male Female
Last Name First Name Relationship
Emergency Contact
Address City State ZIP
Phone Number
Please list last residential hall you resided in:
Do you have any special requirements such as physical disabilities, etc? If yes, please
contact the Residential Housing Office in 1109 Osceola-Keokuk Hall or (785) 749-8460.
Yes No
College Classification:
Freshman Sophomore
Junior Senior
Conditions for Reserving a Room
Student is responsible in contacting the Housing office if they have a change in plans and are not returning. This
should be done at least two weeks before school starts.
If the student is unable to be here on date specified, they must call and request an extension.
Any student who, at the end of the semester, has violated the student code, placed on academic suspension,
lost their housing due to code violations, have not completed their immunizations, has outstanding fees or fines,
could have their contract automatically voided.
If student agrees to adhere to these conditions that are set forth, his/her signature must be presented on this
All housing policies and procedures will be applied and used in reviewing all applications presented to Housing.
Student Signature Date
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Winona Hall houses 77 students. Student rooms are presently arranged for single occupancy. It has
laundry facilities, community bathrooms and showers, a kitchenette, TV room, exercise room with up-to-
date equipment, and computer and study room. Student rooms presently have or will have e outlets for
telephones, computers, and TV/cable.
Continuing students may request to live in the Honors Resident Hall. New freshman will not be considered
for residency until they have earned a current semester GPA for course work done at Haskell Indian Nations
University. Transfer students will be considered if they meet the required GPA and are otherwise in good
academic and social standing from their previous college/university. Re-admitted students, provided they
have graduated within the academic school year may also be considered.
You must be in good Academic and Social standing, as defined by University policies for continued
residency in Winona Hall. Grade point averages (GPAs) will be based on semester and not cumutlative.
Required GPAs for admittance is a 2.8 - 4.0. The Residential Housing Office will verify GPAs once grades
are posted at the end of the semester and a Social Standing clearance from the Student Rights Office at the
time the Honor’s Hall application is submitted.
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Winona Hall
General Information
Registrar’s Office (Located in Navarre Hall)
Student has a semester GPA of for the Semester. This will be checked after final
grades have been submitted for the current semester.
Verified by: Date:
Student Conduct Office (Located in Minoka Hall)
Student is in good standing.
Verified by: Date:
For additional information, contact the Haskell Indian Nations University Housing Office at the following:
Haskell Indian Nations University
Residential Housing
155 Indian Avenue, Box 5032
Lawrence, KS 66046
(785) 749-8460
(785) 832-6618 fax
For Office Use Only
Date Received By Pre-Enrolled