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What is honesty?What is honesty?
When you think of honesty, you might think don’t lie”. But being honest also means only saying and doing
things that are truthful. Here are a few good signs that an action is not honest:
- Saying something that is not true.
- Hiding the truth because you know its wrong or you’ll get in trouble.
- Doing it is considered morally wrong (like cheating or stealing).
In these situations, which actions are honest?
You broke a table. Your mom asks who broke the table.
[ ] You tell her you did it.
[ ] You say you don’t know what happened.
Explain your answer:
You really want to play with a friend’s toy at your house.
[ ] You slip the toy in your backpack and gure you’ll put it back tomorrow. As long as he doesn’t nd
out, you didn’t lie.
[ ] You ask to borrow the toy.
Explain your answer:
Your mom said you could play computer for 30 minutes and set a timer.
[ ] When the time is almost up, you secretly add more time on the timer so you can keep playing.
[ ] You stop playing when the timer rings.
Explain your answer:
You went to Joeys to play, and then went to Austins without asking. When your
dad asks, “Whose house did you play at today?” :
[ ] You say, “I played at Joeys.
[ ] You say, “I played and Joeys and Austins.
Explain your answer: