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Classification Degree BS Chemistry Housing Status
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Overall GPA Concentration Catalog Term FALL 2019
Minor FERPA Indicator
Complete Complete except for classes in-progress (TR) Transfer Class
Not Complete See Advisor - Nearly Complete @ Any course number
IP In-Progress Course
BA in Chemistry Overview - 120 Credits
Unmet conditions for this set of requirements:
120 credits are required.
Minimum credits at WCSU
A minimum of 30 credits must be taken at WCSU.
A minimum cumulative GPA of 2.0 is required
When your first term is graded, your cumulative GPA will be calculated.
If your cumulative GPA falls below 2.0 it is important to see an advisor
to make plans for raising your GPA.
Foreign Language Requirement
See Foreign Language Requirement section
General Education Competency Requirements
See General Education Competency Requirements section
General Education Course Requirements
See General Education Course Req. Including Cognates
Major Requirements
See Major in Chemistry section
General Electives
See General Elective Requirements section
Foreign Language Requirement
Foreign Language Requirement
Complete a foreign language at an elementary II level or above.
Students who have completed three years of language in high school
with at least a 'C' average have satisfied this requirement. Consult
your advisor.
General Education Competency Requirements
Unmet conditions for this set of requirements:
Students must complete each of the competencies listed below. In
addition, students must complete 3 of the competencies a second time
excluding First Year (FY) and WRT 101 (WI).
General Education Competencies
Creative Process (CP)
1 to 2 Classes
Critical Thinking (CT)
1 to 2 Classes
Oral Communication (OC)
1 to 2 Classes
Health and Wellness (HW)
1 to 2 Classes
Scientific Inquiry (SI)
1 to 2 Classes
Intercultural Competence (IC)
1 to 2 Classes
Information Literacy (IL)
1 to 2 Classes
First Year Experience (FY)
1 Class
Culminating Experience (CE)
1 to 2 Classes
Writing Course (WRT 101)
WRT 101
Writing Intensive II (W2)
1 to 2 Classes
Writing Intensive III (W3)
1 to 2 Classes
Quantitative Reasoning (QR)
1 to 2 Classes
General Education Course Req. Including Cognates
Unmet conditions for this set of requirements:
40 credits are required.
WRT 101
Calculus I
MAT 181
Calculus II
MAT 182
General Physics I
PSY 110
General Physics II
PSY 111
Major in Chemistry
48-52 credits are required.
Minimum 2.0 major GPA
Minimum credits at WCSU
A minimum of 25 credits must be taken at WCSU.
General Chemistry I
CHE 110
General Chemistry II
CHE 111
Analytical Chemistry Lecture
CHE 205
Analytical Chemistry Lab
CHE 206
Organic Chemistry I
CHE 210
Organic Chemistry II
CHE 211
Physical Chemistry I
CHE 300
Physical Chemistry II
CHE 301
Chemistry Seminar
CHE 250
GENERAL OPTION (non-ACS approved)
Inorganic Chemistry
CHE 311
Instrumental Analysis Lecture
CHE 400
Instrumental Analysis Lab
CHE 401
12 Credits of Cooperative Education Research CHE 297 or
SENIOR RESEARCH plus one advanced elective
Senior Research
CHE 430
Advanced elective - choose from MAT 272, 281, 282, CHE 340, 415, 420, 421
General Elective Requirements
General Electives 26-32 credits