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Request Access to the following: All Archaeology Restricted National Register Civil War
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Describe the reason(s) for which you are applying for access such as; Section 106, State review, survey, academic research etc.
Please attach a copy of your resume/CV for review. Registration forms submitted without will be rejected.
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1) Must possess at least a BA in Anthropology and/or Archaeology
* or be a student engaged in acquiring said degree and,
2) Ha
ve prior experience conducting site file research and/or will be supervised/advised by another qualified
archaeologist/historian who has such experience (must include a copy of supervisors CV/resume)
*exceptions may be made on a case by case basis, subject to approval by WVSHPO staff.
** http://www.cr.nps.gov/local-law/arch_stnds_9.htm
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Subscriptions for the WVSHPOGIS interactive map viewer are currently free of charge. Your subscription covers user name
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For profit organization: 1 year subscription; password resets every 3 months
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Student: Subscription and password active for 3 months = must submit a letter from professor or advisor to certify that
you are engaged in academic research and a copy of your student id (or other proof of enrollment). Term may be
extended by request on a case by case basis.
**WVSHPO reserves the right to terminate password access at any time for violations of the User Agreement.
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