West Chester University of Pennsylvania
Complete items 1-10 for ALL faculty appointments
1. Departm
ent: ________________________ 2. SAP Cost Center: ________________
3. Name: _______________________________________ 4. WCU ID#:____________________ (if not NEW)
5. Primary
Work Location: ______________________ 6. Recommended Rank & Step: _____________
7. Type and Term(s):
Tenure Track Term/Year: Fall 20____ Summer I 20_____
Temporary Winter 20____ Summer II 20_____
Regular Part time Spring 20____ Summer Post 20_____
8. Sessions Information: Full semester Session 1 Session 2 Dynamic Dating: _____________
9. Chair’s Certification of Department Vote: I certify that a department vote was held: _________ (Chair’s initials)
10. Reason for Appointment: Enrollment driven Replacement of Faculty Member. If so:
Name of Faculty Replaced: ____________________________
Reason for replacement: ____________________________
Complete items 11 and 12 for NEW and REHIRED (had a break in service) faculty ONLY
NEW REHIRE. Last semester worked: ____________
11. English Fluency in Higher Ed Act Certification: Approval by the Academic Department certifies that the candidate
meets department criteria regarding fluency in the English language as required by law. The certification is based on:
nal Interview Observation Publications Professional presentation Other :
. Complete and attach the following items:
A. S
tatement of Expectations
See attached - must be updated every time
B. Temp Fac Hire Form for Non-Advert Positions See attached - must be updated every time
(please check one for each item below)
C. Curriculum vitae See attached
D. Transcripts highest degree earned must have original** See attached
E. Letters of recommendation (if requested)
See attached
F. Reference check note caller, date, points of discussion See attached
* By signin
g, Chair is receiving transcript directly and confirming degree held matches required degree
**International degrees require equivalency evaluation
___________________________________________ ________________________________________
Search Chair / Date Dean/Date
____________________________________ ________________________________________
Department Chair / Date Provost/Date (TT and RPT hires only)
Rev 07/18
Auth R/S: ________
Comp #: _________
G. Faculty Bio Demo
See attached
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