West Chester University
Budget and Financial Planning Office
Position Budget Management (PBM) Confidentiality Agreement
Section 1Employee User Agreement
This agreement is made between the West Chester University Budget and Financial Planning Office (WCU-
BFP) and Employee.
tion Budget Management (PBM) allows users to have access to WCU-BFP confidential personnel and
budget related data received via broadcast reports.
Accordingly, to protect the confidential information that will be disclosed during employment, the Employee
agrees to the following:
1. Emp
loyee will hold confidential personnel information received from WCU-BFP in strict confidence and
will exercise a reasonable degree of care to prevent unauthorized disclosure.
2. Employee will not distribute or share the personnel information to others unless first authorized to do
so in writing by completing this agreement.
3. Employee will access, use, discuss, release, and disclose this data only when it is dictated to perform
his/her job duties.
4. WCU-BFP reserves the right to request disciplinary action for violations of this agreement.
5. When Employee no longer requires the PBM Personnel Reports, Employee is to notify WCU-BFP to
end the report distribution broadcast.
Section 2 – Employee Signature
Signing below indicates the Employee agrees to the terms and conditions of the agreement in Section 1.
Employee Name
SAP Fund Center(s) or Department
________________________________________ ____________________
Employee Signature Date
______________________________ ____________________
AVP/Dean Signature Date
Section 3 - Vice-President Approval
As Vi
ce-President to the Division of the Employee in Section 2, your signature authorizes the Employee to be
given access to confidential personnel reports via the Position Budget Management (PBM) system.
______________________________ ____________________
Vice-President Signature Date
Scan and email completed form to budoff@wcupa.edu.