Weber County Stormwater Construction Activity Permit
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Application submittals will be accepted by appointment only. (801) 399-8374. 2380 Washington Blvd. Suite 240, Ogden, UT 84401
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The application shall include a Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan which meets the criteria set forth in Section 40-3-4 of the county ordinances.
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The applicant shall file the application on or before the following dates:
Subdivision: The date that the applicant submits the preliminary subdivision development plat application.
Site Plan: The date that the applicant submits a site plan application or amended site plan.
Building Permit: The date that the applicant submits a building permit application if the applicant proposes to construct a building on an existing lot or
Land Use Permit: The date that the applicant submits a land use permit application.
Other: At least two (2) weeks before the developer intends to perform any type of work not listed above that would require a Storm Water Construction
Activity Permit pursuant to this Chapter.
Failure to acquire a required Storm Water Construction Activity Permit is grounds for tabling a related subdivision application, site plan application, conditional
use permit application, or building permit application. It is unlawful to commence work (move dirt) on a development site before obtaining a required Storm
Water Construction Activity Permit.
Note: A pre-costruction meeting is required before preforming any on-site earth work, unless waived by the county engineer.
By signing below the Owner / Representative authorizes the county to enter the property to perform inspections.
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