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Watermain Disinfection Plan Disinfection Site Map/Sketch
Project Name & ID: ___________________________________ Phase #: _________ City Block #: _______
Watermain Source/Backflow (BFP) Water Meter(M) Chlorine injection Point (IP)
Identify the Path of Chlorination, Open/Close Valves (Path-1, Path-2, Path-3, etc.)
Dead Ends/Stubs (E1, E2,E3, etc.) Valve Chambers (VC1, VC2, VC3, etc.)
Valve Boxes (VB1, VB2, VB3, etc.) Hydrants (HYD1, HYD2,HYD3, etc.) Flushing Points (F1, F2,F3, etc.)
Discharge Points (D1, D2, D3, etc. ) Sample Locations (S1, S2, S3, etc.)
Pressure Testing Points (P1, P2, etc.)
Name of the Contractor/Company:_____________________________________________ Date:_____________
Representative Name: ________________________________________ Signature: _________________________
Revision(1.0): January 2021
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