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Helen Ball (Town Clerk)
01743 257650
Sainsbury Superstore - Meole Brace
Sainsbury Local - Abbey Foregate
Sainsbury Local - Whitecroft Road
With a diverse population of 100,000 Shrewsbury is a thriving market town where country meets town.
It has pockets of affluence but also the five most deprived wards in the county.
Shrewsbury is established as a Food Destination and the #ShrewsburyWasteLessSaveMore (WLSM)
Challenge will bring our community together over food.
1. We will create change that lasts beyond the challenge, with:
a. A task force of volunteers, trained to deliver #ShrewsburyWasteLessSaveMore messages across our
town to waste less food, permanently.
b. The creation of the Sainsbury’s WLSM Cooking Academy linked to the Shrewsbury Catering College,
bringing cooking skills into the community
c. A new, self-sustaining Shrewsbury Hub for surplus food to support local charities and to train those
most in need
d. A relationship of understanding and trust between Sainsbury’s and the Town, working together to
highlight issues and find constructive solutions
2. Bring people together over food, celebrating local farmers and food producers, getting everyone
cooking and talking about food. Creating a new food culture where it is unthinkable to throw good food
3. Strengthen our reputation as a Food Destination and become a centre of excellence for WLSM food
4. Food waste is 35% of what we throw away. Eliminating this would save the Council £260,000 p.a.
5. Reduction of food poverty in our town as families save £60 a month on food, increase food
know-how and cooking skills for healthier diets. Shrewsbury Food Bank gave out 868 parcels in the last
6 months.
Even though there is no kerbside food waste collection, we still have a recycling rate of 51%. The
Council ran county-wide Love Food Hate Waste campaigns, with 91% of those attending an event
committing to change their behaviour. Veolia is trialling a community incentive scheme to increase
And our community is big on waste reduction:
1. Cardboard Christmas. Transition Town Shrewsbury set up cardboard collection points, mobilising 48
volunteers, with 1000 households bringing 7 tonnes of cardboard, raising £400 for the Hospice.
2. The Rubbish Diet, (slimming club for bins), ran a Shrewsbury pilot in 2013, tracking behaviour
change. 150 households reduced their waste by a third. UK’s first Rubbish Diet Street is Ashley Street in
Shrewsbury. 22 households still recycle together and have saved 6 tonnes of waste so far. In 2014, 5
churches took the Diet.
3. The Shrewsbury Food Festival is pioneering a Zero Waste approach and the Folk Festival has followed
suit. Surplus food is sent to local charities, waste food is sent to Anaerobic Digestion. All dry recyclables
are separated and recycled. 70% of the waste is recycled.
4. There is an informal network for diverting surplus food. Local shops, events and individuals send
surplus food to The Ark homeless charity and the Hospice. Allotments send surplus veg to the Hospice.
The Windfall Project makes local gluts into jams and chutneys and provides training for adults with
learning disabilities.
5. The Shrewsbury BID co-ordinates business waste to save businesses money and recycle more.
Question 3: Who are the groups of people in your local community that you think would be interested
in part of this challenge – please be as specific as possible i.e. schools, charities, local businesses, etc.
Question 4: What ideas do you have that could be tried in your town that would help the local
community to save more food from going to waste?
Question 6: Is there any other information you’d like to share with us that you would support your
town’s nomination?
Waste Less, Save More
Nominate your town
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250 max words
Question 5: How would
you measure the success of the Waste Less, Save More challenge in your town?
250 max words
To develop this bid we threw the net wide across Shrewsbury, to co-create it with businesses,
community groups and the general public, with Shrewsbury Town Council and local social enterprise,
The Rubbish Diet, co-ordinating.
We are delighted by the enthusiasm shown for #ShrewsburyWasteLessSaveMore. More than 200
organisations and people contributed their ideas and 45 of these are core, ready to deliver WLSM
across the town, as the #ShrewsburyLovesFood Task Force:
• Businesses: Shrewsbury BID, Beth Heath Events, Shrewsbury Food Festival, Shrewsbury Folk
Festival, Shrewsbury in Bloom, Shrewsbury Market Hall, Salopian Brewery, The Brompton Cookery
School, Starfish Advertising, Café Aeoli , The Peach Tree and restaurants across the town
• Education: University Centre Shrewsbury, Shrewsbury Catering College, Incredible Edible, County
Training and schools across the town
• Community groups and enterprises: Zero Waste Events, Transition Town Shrewsbury, Tidy
Shrewsbury, Shropshire Wildlife Trust, Big Busk, Shrewsbury Book Festival, Shrewsbury FoE, Severnside
Housing, Through The Door To Healthy Living, Coton Hill Rresidents, The Rubbish Diet, Scouts and
Guides Groups
• Food Distribution Hub: Food Bank Plus, The Hospice, The Ark, Churches Together and all our
allotment groups
• Waste Management: Shropshire Council, Veolia
• Daniel Kawcynski (MP), the Mayor of Shrewsbury and Celebrity Chef Marcus Bean.
Events like the Shrewsbury Food Festival, Pandemonium Children’s Festival, Shrewsbury Folk Festival
and the Big Busk will all feature #ShrewsburyWasteLessSaveMore.
The influence and credibility of these groups with large membership, huge visitor numbers and
significant Facebook & Twitter Followers will make this challenge go viral.
We will evaluate impact of WLSM activities throughout the year. What we learn will inform the action
1. Wide media reach: Social media engagement - FB and Twitter stats - press and radio coverage.
2. High participation: numbers of people volunteering, attending events, participating in competitions
and trained in new skills.
3. Significant behaviour change: Through questionnaires, interviews and detailed case studies and
stories following representative families across the town: what they do differently, how much money
they save, how their attitudes have changed. Sampled by ward to track impact in areas of different
4. Effective community incentive: The community incentive will involve people taking a food waste
challenge (e.g. The Rubbish Diet’s new Food Challenge using LFHW), with a small donation to charity
from Sainsbury’s for each person who completes it. Tracked by ward.
5. Measurable reduction in food waste: Waste audits to track reduction in food waste against existing
baseline data. This will show whether the ‘donations incentive’ could be replicated elsewhere from
Council savings and give data for feedback, with a Waste-ometer in the Town Square and in Sainsbury’s
and food waste from the audits displayed in huge plastic bubbles in the Town Square and on billboards.
6. Food surplus network: track the network using a PlanZHeroes on-line map.
7. Innovation: track new ideas and solutions generated at the Monthly Food-Forum.
8. Income: track sales of WLSM products like the Shrewsbury Loaf tin and recipe books.
Shrewsbury has already proved that it is up for a challenge. Over the last year we have become: RHS
Champion of Champions, Britain’s Healthiest High Street, West Midlands’ Happiest Place to Live. We
won because we demonstrate the #TeamShrewsbury spirit and can pool the resources of many
organisations, partners, stakeholders and the public in a creative, effective way – WE CAN DELIVER.
We have a strong, connected community with new groups bubbling up, like The Big Busk, created in the
memory of Ben Bebbington who died tragically in 2012. Ben had been supported by the Ark, so local
volunteers set up a busking event across town to raise funds. This year 300 musicians performed,
raising £6,100 for The Ark.
We’ve done the ground-work to be ready for investment. We’ve brought people together to co-create
ideas to achieve most impact and we’re ready to go:
• Transition Town Shrewsbury’s Shrewsbury Loaf idea has farmers, the local mill and baker already on
• Shrewsbury Food Festival has pioneered waste reduction and we have Shrewsbury’s unique array of
Events ready to provide the spring-board for Food-Waste Fireworks.
• The Rubbish Diet has already trialled a food curriculum pack for schools in town. Their
Shrewsbury-based team created a Food Challenge, using LFHW, that tracks behaviour change.
The town has skilled project managers in the public and community sector who can deliver this project,
creating a new WLSM culture and tools to replicate across the UK.
We’ve captured the excitement and evidence behind our bid here:
Terms and Conditions
1. The Competition shall open at 00:01 on Monday 21st September 2015 (the ‘Opening Date’) and close at 23:59 on
Friday 30th October 2015 (the ‘Closing Date’).
2. The Competition is open to residents of the mainland UK and Northern Ireland aged 18 or over. Only one Entry per
organisation/school/store/group/individual representing an organisation.
3. To enter, your town must fit the below criteria:
· Be a town/city/borough with a population of more than 15,000 and under 300,000 people.
· Be a community that is committed to working with us to reduce waste and help save people money
(demonstrated by evidencing what kind of activities have already taken place in the town and by sharing ideas
you’d like to see tested).
· Be a town/city/borough with access to a Sainsbury’s store/supermarket/Local (within a 5 mile radius) so we can
test in-store innovations and benefit from the support of our store teams.
4. You must complete all of the following actions between the Opening Date and the Closing Date to be entered in
to our search for a town/city/borough:
a. Download and complete the application form.
b. Send your application by post to Waste Less, Save More 3/09, Third Floor, 33 Holborn, London, EC1N 2HT, or electron-
ically to to arrive no later than 23.59 on Friday 30 October 2015. The promoter accepts no
responsibility for delayed applications. Proof of posting or uploading is not proof of receipt.
5. There is one prize of a contribution from Sainsbury’s equal to £1m which may be spent on a range of activities,
pro-motions and/or products, all related to reducing waste and helping people save money.The prize will be
allocated in partnership with representatives from the local town/city/borough in a manner which best reflects the
ethos of this Promotion, benefits the winning town/city/borough and be capable of extending the concept of
reducing waste and saving money to other communities. The allocation of the prize money will be transparent and
audited and must be spent within a year of the prize being awarded. Individual projects may be extended or
completed after the year end, at the discretion of the Promoter, provided the total prize value does not exceed £1m.
No change or balancing payments will be made. There is no cash alternative to the stated prize.
6. The decision of the judges is final and no correspondence will be entered into.
7. The winning town/city/borough application will be determined by the panel of judges from all entries meeting
the eligibili-ty criteria and received before the closing date. The winner will be the town/city/borough, which in the
opinion of the judges, shows existing town and community commitment to reducing waste and saving money and/
or shows significant evidence of town/community commitment to sustainable and innovative methods of
reducing waste and saving money for the future. The winning town/city/borough will be chosen by 1st December
2015 and representatives from the town/city/borough will be approached to confirm that they are willing to provide
commitment to the project. If such commitment is not provided at a level suitable, in the opinion of the promoter,
to fulfil a project of this size then the prize will be forfeited and a new winner will be chosen from the remaining
entries. The winner will be announced no later than 1st December 2015 and details will be posted on our website
( There will be no notification provided to other applications, however we may contact some
applicants to see if there are opportunities to work with them in future. By entering the promotion, the winner
agrees to participate in reasonable publicity including media and photography and for information to be
disclosed about them without payment.
8. Entrants agree that by submitting their entry that they have the right to represent the town/city/borough or
community group. They confirm that their work is not copied and does not infringes the intellectual property
rights of any 3rd party. They confirm that they grant Sainsbury’s and any of their service providers or agents,
permission to contact them to discuss their application and to use information, without payment, relating to them
or their town/city/borough, and the concepts, ideas and content included in their application, for any of its
commercial or non-commercial purposes including in all and any media, including without limitation, in the
Company’s printed publications, presentations, promotional materials, in the advertising of the Company’s goods
or services or on the Company’s website or in media or social media in their original format or edited or altered in
any way which the Company deems appropriate.
9. Promoter: Sainsbury’s Supermarkets Ltd, 33 Holborn, London EC1N 2HT
Waste Less, Save More
Nominate your town
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