Washington State Higher Education Residency Affidavit
A Higher Education Residency Affidavit
Revised June 2021
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People who are eligible to sign this affidavit pay in-state (resident) tuition and fees. They
also meet residency requirements for state financial aid programs. Check your school’s
residency website or contact the residency office for submission instructions. For private
institutions, check your school’s financial aid website or contact the financial aid office.
Eligibility Requirements
To be eligible to sign this affidavit, you must:
Earn a high school diploma, GED, or diploma equivalent before your first term at the
college determining residency, and
Maintain a primary residence in Washington for at least 12 consecutive months
immediately before your first term at the college determining residency.
Applicant Information
Date of Birth
Student ID Number
(if applicable)
If you meet the eligibility requirements above, you must also sign this affidavit to qualify for
residency. The affidavit is a promise between you and the institution determining residency.
Please certify the following statement by signing below.
I certify that, by the official start date of my first term at the college determining residency, I will
have met the eligibility requirements on this affidavit form and that one of the following is true:
I will file an application to become a permanent resident of the United States as soon as I
am eligible to apply. I am also willing to engage in activities designed to prepare me for
citizenship, including citizenship or civics review courses, or
I am a U.S. citizen, U.S. national, or U.S. permanent resident.
(City, State)