INDIVIDUAL/Volunteer Registration
Walk Across America
2013 Campaign September 3
to November 10
Participant/Volunteer Name: __________________________________________________
Email: ___________________________________________________
Please check appropriate box(es)
I will participate as a TEAM MEMBER. I authorize the WAA Coordinator to add me to a team.
I would like to be a TEAM CAPTAIN. I do not have a team. I would like to be assigned my team
members. I understand that I will be responsible to motivate and to communicate with my team the
WAA Rules, and encourage them to forward their numbers to me by the weekly deadline. Numbers
posted after the deadline may not be counted.
Volunteer Opportunity
Poker Walk Event No gambling is involved this will be an opportunity to get out & walk to earn bonus
I would be willing to assist in volunteering time for a Poker Walk Event, as a part of this year’s WAA
PLEASE SUBMIT FORM TO Janet Korsmo by: Thursday, August 29