APPLICATION DEADLINE: Friday, January 18, 2019
Japan and Hawaii: History and Connections
Student Application
Tentative Travel Date: May 2019
The Department of History will select a group of history majors and minors to participate
in a travel expedition as part of the Wyatt Exploration Program. To be considered for
participation, students should submit a completed application directly to the History
Department by the posted deadline below. Applicants will be notified on the status of their
application after a decision has been made.
In evaluating the applications, several things will be considered, but active participation in
Wyatt Exploration Program activities (lecture series, etc.) during the current year will be a
major consideration in the selection process. The department seeks to create a diverse
team of students who have demonstrated their enthusiasm and engagement with the on-
campus exploration activities, who are most likely to benefit from the travel expedition,
and who will work together most effectively as a group.
Most travel expenses for student explorers will be covered directly by the History
Department but some expenses for incidentals, occasional meals, and other small expenses
may be the responsibility of the individual student.
By submitting this application, the applicant understands that the review committee will
also examine University transcripts.
Things to remember when submitting your application:
Attach your Wyatt Passport to the application form.
Attach your essay to the application form.
Confirm that you are a declared History major or minor (this can be done through
SIS or the Registrar’s office).
Submit completed applications at:
University of Michigan-Flint Office of the Provost, 229 University Pavilion.
If you have questions, please contact Laura Martin, Wyatt Program Administrative Assistant, at or (810) 762-3372.
Japan and Hawaii: History and Connections
Name: UM ID#:
City: State: Zip:
Telephone: UM-Flint email:
Check your appropriate major: HIS major HIS minor HIS Honors
Check any of the following Wyatt Exploration events in which you have participated:
Kick-Off Event (9/12/2018)
Volunteered for any History event Film: Abacus and Sword (9/24/2018)
Lecture: Lane Earns (10/10/2018) Film: The Little House (10/22/2018)
Lecture: David Obermiller (11/8/2018) Film: Midnight Diner (11/12/2018)
Lecture: Elizabeth Lublin (12/6/2018) Film: Udon (12/10/2018)
Please check off any of the following courses that you are currently enrolled in or have completed:
HIS 371: Japan from Antiquity to 1300
HIS 377: Japan from 1300 to 1800
HIS 378: Japan As A Global Power
Have you applied for a Wyatt travel expedition before? If so, please give the years:
Have you participated in a Wyatt travel expedition before? If so, please give the year:
Provide the names and departments of two UM-Flint faculty members who would be willing to serve as a
personal reference:
Name: Department:
Name: Department:
Please address the following in an essay:
Explain why a study abroad experience is important and why you are interested in this particular Wyatt
Program to Japan and Hawaii. Drawing on your participation in the Wyatt events on campus, coursework
and reading, what themes or areas of special interests related to Japan and Hawaii do you hope to share with
others and to learn more about through the trip? How will this program contribute to your academic,
professional and personal goals? What makes you qualified to participate in this study abroad trip and what
will you contribute to this program? Upon returning to Michigan, how will you apply your experiences?
The essay should be approximately 1000 words, double spaced, and typed.
Attach your Wyatt Exploration Passport to this application. Your passport can be used in future years,
so do not forget to pick it up in the History Department after the selection of trip participants is announced.
Submit completed applications at:
University of Michigan-Flint Office of the Provost, 229 University Pavilion.
APPLICATION DEADLINE: Friday, January 18, 2019