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our: Tour of the Experience Centre only.
Site Tour: Bus tour around the WSA site and EC Visit, accompanied by WSA Tour Guide. Subject to availability and COVID-19 restrictions.
Function: Exclusive access to the Experience Centre to host an event or meeting with guest speakers, catering and AV.
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Cancellation policy
Western Sydney Airpot reserve the right
to change or cancel bookings due to
circumstances beyond our control. WSA also
reserves the right to refuse paticipation
in these tours to any person considered to
be unsuitable due to potential risk to staff,
volunteers, visitors or themselves.
If you need to cancel your booking for any
reason, please notify Western Sydney Airpot
as soon as possible by phone (1800 972 972)
or email (
What are
you booking
Western Sydney Airpot is offering a tour of
the WSI Experience Centre. The group will
be taken through a series of interactive pods
where you will learn about the region and its
people and understand the oppotunities that
will come from Australias first smat airpot.
The site tour of the Western Sydney
International will be hosted and will highlight
key locations such as current work areas,
Aerotropolis, and the runway. Western Sydney
Airpot will provide a host and materials for the
tour, however you will need to provide a bus for
the tour. Cost associated with the bus hire is
the responsibility of the organiser.
To ensure a great experience, please make
your bookings in advance. The group bookings
are available between 10am – 4pm on Monday
- Thursday excluding public holidays. Booking
times are subject to availability at the time
of making your reservation. Please allow a
minimum of approximately 15 minutes to visit
the Centre and 1 hour for a site tour.
estern Sydney Airpot welcomes visitors
with special needs and/or disabilities. The
Experience Centre tour can be altered to
accommodate various needs. At the point
of booking, the Experience Centre manager
will liaise with the organiser the variations
needed to accommodate the guests.
For the site tour, as the bus is provided by
the booking group, organiser will be required
to advise Western Sydney Airpot in advance
of any physical, medical or other special
requirements as not all locations may have
the required facilities or access.
Insurance is not included with the Site
Tour. Western Sydney Airpot strongly
recommends that you take insurance to
cover you for accidents, injury, illness and
death, medical expenses, including any
related to pre-existing medical conditions,
emergency repatriation and personal
liability. Western Sydney Airpot do not take
responsibility for any personal belongings
lost under any circumstances therefore
please do not leave them unattended while in
the Experience Centre or out on the Site tour.
You agree that Western Sydney Airpot may
use images or video of you taken during the
booking our without recourse to you and
without compensation to you, for publicity
and promotion purposes only, through
whatever medium it chooses. This may
include, but is not limited to, posting images
to social media channels such as Facebook
and Instagram, other online advetising, as
well as for use in print media such as flyers,
brochures and posters.
have read and acknowledge the terms and conditions relating to my booking
at Western Sydney Airpot and agree to abid
e by those conditions.
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For futher information please contact:
WSI Experience Centre Team
1800 972 972