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We usually do not ask for a deposit when you open an account. However, if you are a short-term or seasonal customer, we may ask you for a
deposit. A short-term or seasonal customer is one who has an account with us for less than one year. Generally, deposits are based on twice the
average monthly bill. If you heat with gas or electric, the deposit is twice the average monthly bill between November 1 and April 15.
Sometimes, existing customers may be asked for a deposit if their payments are consistently late.
Also, if you are applying for a new Central Hudson account within 60 days of closing an old account, we will not ask you to pay a deposit unless:
1. You are two consecutive months behind on your bill and have not paid at least one-half of the overdue amount, OR;
2. The bill you get once every two months is 50 days overdue, and you have not paid at least one-half of what you owe, OR;
3. We have turned off your service for nonpayment during the last six months.
Senior Citizens: If you are 62 or older, we will not ask you for a deposit unless your service was turned off for nonpayment within the past six
months. If you have to pay a deposit, you have 20 days to do so. All deposits may be paid in 12 monthly installments.
Public Assistance: If you receive public assistance, we will not require you to pay a deposit.
Refunds: We will hold your deposit for one year. If you maintain a good payment record during that year, we will refund the deposit plus the
interest at a rate set by the Public Service Commission (PSC). If your payments are not up-to-date, we will hold the deposit and credit the interest
to your account on a yearly basis.
Click here to see your Residential Customer Rights. A copy of our tariff, which describes each service classification in detail, is available on our
website at CentralHudson.com.