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GEC APPROVAL (GEC CHAIR)______________________ DATE__________________
Writing Intensive Course Definition: After successful completion of ENGL 101 and 102,
students will complete 3 courses officially designated as writing intensive (WI). Transfer
students will take one WI course for each 30 credit hours taken at USC Aiken. ENGL 201 cannot
be used to satisfy this requirement. Students must take a minimum of one WI course within their
All WI courses must require the equivalent of at least 15-20 pages of word-processed written
work as part of the overall grade. Each WI class should include explicit instruction in writing as
it relates to a given discipline. Students must have the opportunity to benefit from the
instructor’s comments as they revise and edit their written work. Instructor comments should
focus on some combination of clarity of purpose, quality of thought, organization of content,
synthesis and integration of sources, attribution and documentation of sources, language and
style, and grammar and usage as appropriate within the discipline.
In 100- and 200- level courses, writing might consist of shorter assignments (e.g. 8-10 one- to
two-page papers or 4 three- to four-page papers), essay exam responses, and/or writing-to-learn
assignments (e.g. journal assignments, brief responses to readings, short research assignments,
response to peer writing, or lab reports.) In 300- and 400-level courses, longer papers might be
more appropriate (e.g. 2 ten-page papers, or 1 ten- and 2 five-page papers).
Not all sections of WI-approved courses are offered in the WI format in a given semester.
Sections approved as WI will be indicated in the USC Aiken schedule of courses at the time of
priority registration.
Please include in your WI course proposal the following:
Detailed description of each written assignment including number of pages.
Detailed description of the revision process.
Briefly describe how the writing supports the course content.
Describe any activities used to supplement the writing or research process (e.g., library
instruction, writing room appointments, computer classroom use, workshop attendance)
All applications must be electronically submitted to the chair of GEC with approval from the
Dean or Department Chair above.