This award will be p
resented to a National Park Community College student (male
or female) who plans to continue his or her education for at least one additional
semester at National Park Community college. A minimum grade point average of
2.5 is required for all applicants.
INSTRUCTIONS: Complete the questionnaire below. Enclose one letter of
recommendation from a responsible person not related to the applicant, other
than an educator, who has had an opportunity to personally observe the applicant.
This letter should be from someone who can give a worthwhile opinion of the
character, purposefulness, industry, disposition, financial need and general
worthiness of the applicant.
JUDGING STANDARDS: Judges will select the outstanding student based on the
following considerations and formula: Citizenship 30 points
GPA 20 points Leadership 10 points
Financial Need 20 points Career Goals 20 points
IMPORTANT DEADLINE: A transcript and the letter of recommendation must be
attached to the scholarship application. The Women's Chamber of Commerce
Scholarship Committee will judge the applications. The winner will be announced
in May. All applications must be received by Friday, April 10, 2020.
1. Name of Applicant:
2. Home Address:
3. Telephone: 4. Date of Birth:
5. Schools Attended:
Name of School Address Grades Attended
6. National Park Community College GPA: (Attach Transcript)
12.Career Goals: Please describe below your career plans or goals that you hope to
achieve by continuing your education.
11.Out-of-School Activities in Community and/or Church, Offices Held, Awards
10.Record of Participation in Extra-Curricular Activities in High School and at NPC:
9. Honors and Awards received in High School and at NPC:
8. Offices and Positions of Leadership held in Class and School Organizations at NPC:
7. Familys Adjusted Gross Income for previous year:
Number of Family Members at Home:
How Many siblings Attend School or College?
Do you Work? If so, where?
Number of hours you work per week:
Women's Chamber of Commerce ~ 432 Ouachita Ave., Ste. B ~ Hot Springs, AR 71901