This form can only be submitted by a WLC full-time faculty or staff member.
This is NOT a confirmation that this event is scheduled and/or approved. WLC-hosted events must be approved by the
President’s Cabinet with signatures. Failure to submit this form PRIOR to agreeing to host an event negates any
obligation on the part of WLC and resources to host/facilitate any proposed event.
vent title: _________________________________________________________________________________
Event description: ___________________________________________________________________________
Proposed event date(s): _________________________ Proposed event time(s): __________________________
Event location(s): ______________________________________________ Estimated attendance: ___________
By submitting this request, I understand that I am committing myself and my department to facilitation of
the event which includes, but is not limited to:
Staffing: meeting, greeting, directing guests day of event
Communication: contacting outside groups, answering questions before/during/after event
Registration/ticketing before and during any event
Arranging and confirming any catering directly with Sodexo including times, menus, numbers, prices, etc.
Logistics: parking, marketing materials, facility reservations and setup needs
Detailed documentation of setup and A/V requests provided no later than two weeks prior to event start date
Acquire proof of $1,000,000 insurance from outside group
OTE: Requests for catering and other services are based on availability and may be subject to additional charges.
gnature: _______________________________________ Print name: ______________________________
For administrative use:
Submitted to building manager of primary facility of proposed event. Date: ____________ Initials: _________
Copies of event request form filed with:
___ Vice President of Finance
___ Director of Events & Conferences
___ Building Manager of proposed facilities