This LEASE made this __________________________ day of __________________________, 20___ by
and between _____________________________, LESSOR, and ______________________________, LESSEE.
WITNESSETH, That LESSOR hereby leases to said LESSEE the property located at
___________________________ in ___________________, West Virginia, for no more than _____ occupants.
(1) TERM: The subject property is to be leased to the said LESSEE from the ____ day of
___________________, 20_____, for the term of ___________
months, beginning on the _____ day of
___________________, 20_____, and ending at 12:00 o'clock noon on the ______ day of
___________________, 20_____.
(2) RENT:
A) LESSEE agrees to pay for the term in the amount of _______________________________ Dollars
($_________________), payable in advance installments of _______________________________ Dollars
($_________________) per month until and including the _______ day of ______________________, 20____.
In the event rent payments are received by the LESSOR after the _____ of any month, a late charge of
______________ Dollars ($______________) shall be paid by LESSEE, which payment charge is and shall
become rent reserved by this agreement. Where this instrument is executed by more than one party, it shall be
considered as legally binding upon each LESSEE jointly and severally; partition of the liabilities hereunder shall
be a matter between the LESSEES and of no concern to the LESSOR; where one or more LESSEES hereunder
defaults on his or hers obligation hereunder, such default shall be considered as against all the LESSEES, and all
shall be responsible for correcting the default. If said default is not collected within 30 days, the LESSOR may
ask that the property be vacated, and render this lease null and void. All rents are to be paid at one time by one
check, money order, or cash etc.
B) THE PRO-RATED RENT, if any, shall be paid upon signing this lease beginning on the ______ day of
________________ through the ______ day of ____________________, 20______, in the amount of
_______________________________ Dollars (____________________).
(3) DEPOSIT: LESSEE agrees to pay, upon signing of this lease, a refundable damage or security deposit of
______________________________ Dollars. Said deposit will be held in an escrow account by
___________________________. The purpose of this deposit is to insure that LESSEE will comply with the
terms of this agreement and return the property, to the LESSOR, in the same condition that it was at the
beginning of the LEASE, reasonable wear and tear expected. It is agreed that LESSOR shall have thirty
(30) days after the property is surrendered, by LESSEE, to inspect the property and ascertain that the LESSEE
has complied with all the terms set forth by this LEASE, and the following terms are met:
A. The full term of this LEASE Agreement has expired. There is no damage and the property is returned to
LESSOR in the same condition as it was when you received it.
B. ALL keys are returned to LESSOR.
C. A forwarding address, in writing, is left with Management.
D. All rents and other charges, including utilities are paid and current.
It is also agreed that LESSOR may apply the Security Deposit and any other deposits toward any damages or late
fees that may be due.
(4) UTILITIES: LESSOR agrees to provide and pay for the reasonable use of the following utilities
LESSEE agrees to pay for all utilities, including garbage, not specifically agreed to be paid by LESSOR.
(5) OCCUPANCY: LESSEE will use and occupy the property exclusively for residential purposes.
(6) SUBLET: The LESSEE agrees not to assign this LEASE or sublet the property or any part thereof without
the previous written consent of the LESSOR. LESSOR issues no Transfer Clause in this LEASE, therefore,
transfer or loss of employment or withdrawal from school will not constitute sufficient justification for not
completing the term of this LEASE. Furthermore, if the terms of this LEASE are not completed, LESSEE agrees
to forfeit Security Deposit as well as accepts liability for monthly rent payments until a suitable tenant has been
found to lease the unit.
(7) RENEWAL: If LESSEE wishes to renew this LEASE agreement or extend the term, LESSEE must notify
LESSOR in writing at least Ninety (90) days prior to the expiration of the LEASE term, and LESSOR may
negotiate an extension of the term.
(8) GENERAL CONDITIONS: LESSEE will make no alterations or additions to or upon the property without
written consent of LESSOR. No pianos, organs, amplifiers, air conditioners, washers, dryers, or waterbeds shall
be placed on or in the property without written approval of the LESSOR. LESSEE will conduct himself, his
family and guests so as not to disturb or interfere with the rights, comfort or convenience of the neighbors or
others in close contact with the property. LESSEE is is not responsible for snow and ice removal on
sidewalks, porches, driveways and parking lots. All garbage must be placed inside plastic garbage bags and sealed
before being placed in garbage cans. No grease is to be poured down sinks or put in garbage disposals or LESSEE
will be charged for expenses resulting from unclogging of drains. LESSOR will not be responsible for failure to
supply water, electricity, or gas for any cause beyond his control. LESSOR assumes no liability for the loss,
damage, or theft of any of the LESSEE'S personal property; or for the damages or injury to residents, or their
property resulting from explosion, fire, mechanical failure from water, steam, or gas lines, or from any defective
wiring, or for loss or damage resulting from the negligence of any other residents of the building, or from any
other cause, except where the LESSOR'S insurance may pay for the same; the LESSOR assumes no responsibility
for articles left by the LESSEE after termination of the lease. LESSEE shall hold harmless the LESSOR in case of
personal security, i.e. rape, battery by a third party.
(9) PETS: LESSEE is is not to have pets on the property without written approval of the LESSOR. If pets
are permitted by the LESSOR an additional refundable pet deposit of _______________ Dollars ($____________)
(10) ENTRY: LESSEE agrees that LESSOR or their agents may at any reasonable time, with reasonable
notice (24 hrs), enter the property to examine the condition thereof, or for the purpose of showing the
property to prospective LESSEES or PURCHASERS.
(11) FORFEITURE: LESSOR may declare a forfeiture of this LEASE at any time that LESSEE fails to pay
the rent provided in Paragraph No. 2 of this LEASE; and LESSOR also may declare a forfeiture of this LEASE at
any time LESSEE breaches or fails to perform the convenient and agreements contained in any one or more of
the paragraphs of this lease. LESSEE nevertheless shall be bound to pay the full rent reserved herein; but
LESSOR shall be obligated to make all effects to re-lease the property to mitigate damages. In addition to the
foregoing, LESSOR hereby reserves to himself all rights given to landlords under the laws of West
Virginia for the collection of the rent and recovery of possession of the leased property. In any action to
recover rent, or possession, such action may be brought in the name of LESSOR alone or in the name of the
Owner alone, or as Agent of the Owner. Furthermore, if any of the LEASE stipulations are violated, LESSEE
must vacate within five (5) days of notification.
(12) CONDITION: LESSEE agrees to accept the leased property in the condition in which it is now, except
the following: ________________________________________________________________________________
(13) YARD: LESSEE agrees does not agree to be responsible for maintenance of the yard including
mowing grass and trimming shrubs, etc.
No modification of this agreement shall be made except in writing signed by both parties.
LESSEE has read and understands the provisions set forth on this lease.