Thank you for choosing World Education
Services (WES) for the evaluation of your
international academic credentials. Credential
evaluation is the first step in gaining recognition
for your academic credentials when you seek
education or employment opportunities in
the U.S.
Widely Recognized
Academic institutions, licensing and certification
boards, employers and government agencies
throughout the U.S. and Canada rely on WES
evaluations because they are based on valid
documents, rigorous analysis, and a systematic
evaluation process. When the evaluation is
completed, those whom you have designated
will receive a clear and comprehensive report
that interprets all of your academic qualifica-
tions in U.S. educational terms.
Accurate, Comprehensive Reports
WES is dedicated to providing credential
evaluations that are fair and accurate. WES
evaluations are based on documents that have
been checked for validity and accuracy.
WES evaluates all of your formal academic
credentials for one low fee. Our reports provide
all of the information anyone will need to make
fair, well-informed decisions regarding your
educational qualifications.
The WES evaluation is a valuable document
that you can use to demonstrate your academic
qualifications whenever you apply for:
Professional licensing or certification
Employment or promotion
Your Passport
to Education and
About WES
World Education Services (WES), a
not-for-profit organization (NGO) founded
in 1974, is internationally recognized in the field
of international credential evaluation. WES is
known for its fast and efficient service. Its
up-to-date resources and comprehensive database
on educational systems worldwide assure the
accuracy and consistency of its reports.
WES provides more than 50,000 evaluations
each year that are accepted by thousands of
academic institutions, employers, licensing and
certification boards and government agencies
in the U.S. and Canada. WES is a founding
member of The National Association of
Credential Evaluation Services (NACES).
P. O. Box 5087 • Bowling Green Station
New York, NY 10274-5087
Tel: 212-966-6311
Fax: 212-739-6120
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Definition of Services
Basic Services and Fees
WES evaluations are completed and mailed within seven (7) business days from the day an application, all required documents
and fees are received. Fees must be paid in U.S. dollars by check/money order or credit card. Payments from outside the U.S.
must be drawn on a bank located in the U.S. or by credit card.
Document-by-Document Report - $100 (per application, regardless of the number of documents)
This report identifies each credential and gives its U.S. equivalent. It is generally used for employment and immigration purposes.
Comprehensive Course-by-Course Report - $160 (per application, regardless of the number of documents)
This comprehensive evaluation report is designed for, and preferred by, academic institutions and licensing boards. It identifies
each credential and gives its U.S. equivalent. In addition, it provides a breakdown of all post-secondary study in terms of
U.S. semester credits, grade equivalents, a grade point average (GPA) calculated on a 4.0 scale, and designates the level of
undergraduate courses.
CPA Exam Candidates: Each U.S. State accounting board specifies its minimum credit requirements in accounting and business courses.
In order to meet this requirement,WES provides a specific evaluation designed for CPA boards. Be certain to select this option on the
application form.The fee for this evaluation is $200.
Rush Services & Fees
Evaluations are completed and mailed within seven (7) business days unless rush service is specified. For faster service,
WES offers:
Same-Day The evaluation is completed and mailed within the same business day. $195 (in addition to evaluation fee)
Three-Day The evaluation is completed and mailed within three (3) business days. $100 (in addition to evaluation fee)
Delivery Options
Evaluations are completed and mailed within seven (7) business days unless rush service is specified. For faster service,
WES offers:
Express Delivery — Overnight courier service (U.S./Canada) may be requested for an additional fee of $25 per address.
2nd Day Air — (U.S. only) may be requested for an additional fee of $15 per address.
International Express — International courier service may be requested for an additional fee of $50 per address.
Fax WES will send an
fax evaluation report to you for a fee of $5.
Additional Reports
Our basic service includes sending one official copy of your evaluation report to you and,
when requested at the time
of application,
one to the recipient of your choice.Additional reports requested at the time of the initial application are
$20 per report. For reports requested after the evaluation has been completed, the fee is $40 for the first report and
$20 for each additional report.
Sealed Envelope Service Recipients generally require that the
official evaluation report be sent to them
directly by WES.
If you are ordering additional reports that you plan to submit for official purposes at a later date,
we advise that you request our Sealed-Envelope Service.WES will send all additional reports
going to you
in specially
marked and sealed envelopes that most recipients will accept as official. The fee for this service is $7, regardless of the
number of reports ordered.
Fees are subject to change. Fees are not refundable once an application is submitted.
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WES Offers
Online Application:
One Evaluation – Many Uses
The same WES evaluation can be used
for education, licensing, employment
or immigration
Comprehensive Reports
Reports always include all your academic
credentials for one low fee
Fast Service
Reports are ready in just 7 business days,
once we receive your application, all
required documents and fees
Track your application online
Electronic Delivery of reports to
academic institutions and licensing boards
for more details
How to Submit Documents
adheres to rigorous documentation and evaluation procedures to prepare evaluations that are accurate
and recognized in the United States.
The documents that WES requires are specific to each country of education. To ensure that your evaluation is prepared
without delay, please follow the instructions for your country of education as provided at: <>.
Translations into English:
If the academic institution that you attended does not issue documents in English, you must
submit precise word-for-word translations of all your credentials. To have your documents translated, you may contact
University Language Services (ULS) at <http://www
> or call them at 800-419-4601. (Outside the
U.S.,call 001-212-766-4111) This information is provided for your convenience only.All arrangements must be made directly
with ULS or the translator of your choice.
Procedures & Policies
WES evaluates only formal educational credentials and reserves the right not to accept an application for evaluation.
WES verifies the authenticity of educational credentials and reserves the right to request original documents.WES
prepares evaluations only after it is satisfied that it has received and/or verified all the necessary documents.
Request for Additional Information or Documents – If upon initial review of an application and documents WES determines
that additional documents and/or information is required, a request for the missing information is issued and the file is placed
on hold until all the necessary material has been received to the satisfaction of WES.
Re-Evaluations – Requests for re-evaluation based on documents that were
submitted with the initial application constitute
a new evaluation and a second payment of the basic fee is required.To change a previously completed document-by-document
evaluation to a course-by-course report requires an additional payment of $100.
From Course-by-Course to Document-by-Document – If WES determines that a course-by-course evaluation cannot be
prepared, a document-by-document evaluation will be issued along with a refund of the difference in fees.
Document Verification Fees Academic institutions in certain countries require the payment of a fee in order to verify
educational credentials.When an institution requests such a payment,WES passes the request to the applicant who must
pay the fee
to the institution.
Fraudulent Documents When any document submitted with an application for evaluation is found to have been altered,
tampered with or forged,WES cancels the application and retains all the documents. Fees are not refunded.WES will notify
all recipients indicated on the application form as well as other appropriate authorities.
Fees are not refundable once an application is submitted. Returned checks are subject to an additional fee of $30.
Apply Online
WES now offers an online application.Applying online is fast and convenient.
Where to Submit Applications and Academic Credentials
By Mail By Express Courier By Fax
For Further Information
For information and assistance, please visit, e-mail us at <> or call one of our offices:
New York Chicago Miami Washington, DC San Francisco
212-966-6311 312-222-0882 305-358-6688 202-331-2925 415-677-9378
Track your application online at
World Education Services World Education Services 212-739-6120
P.O. Box 5087 64 Beaver St. #146
Bowling Green Station New York, NY 10004
New York, NY 10274-5087
We recommend that you use the attached International Transcript Request Form to facilitate your document request(s).
APPLICATION for Evaluation of International Educational Credentials
Service Options Please first read pages 1 and 2 of this application.
Primary Purpose of Evaluation
Professional Licensing/Certification: Field ________________________________________ State __________________
Basic Evaluation Fees — Choose one. See page 1 for details.
Document-by-Document ($100)
Comprehensive Course-by-Course ($160)
CPA Board Evaluation ($200)
Rush Services — Optional
Same-day (add $195)
Three-day (add $100)
Additional Reports ($20 each) Number requested ___________ x $20 = $ ___________
Sealed Envelope Option: Additional reports ordered above sent in sealed envelope(s) (add $7)
Delivery Options
Evaluation report sent to me:
Overnight (U.S./Canada) (add $25)
2nd Day Air (U.S. Only) (add $15)
International Express (add $50)
Fax (add $5)
Other reports sent:
Overnight (U.S./Canada) (add $25)
2nd Day Air (U.S. Only) (add $15)
International Express (add $50)
TOTAL AMOUNT Add the amounts for all items checked above. $ ________________________
Payment Options
Check / Money Order Enclosed (Payable to World Education Services)
Charge my: (Check one) VISA MasterCard American Express Discover
Credit Card Number _______________________________________________________________________________________ Exp. Date _____________________________
Signature of Cardholder (required) _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
Cardholder Name and Billing Address (if different than applicant) _______________________________________________________________________________________
Personal information Please print or type.
Name _________________________________________________________________________________ Previous/Maiden Name _____________________________________
Last/Family First/Given Middle If appearing on any of your academic credentials.
Mailing Address ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
Number and Street Apt./Flat Number
City State/Province Country Zip/Postal Code
Phone __________________________________ Fax __________________________________ E-mail ______________________________________________________________
Preferred Method of Contact:
Date of Birth (Month/Day/Year) ____________________________________
Female Social Security Number ________________________________________
Have you ever submitted an application to WES?
No If yes, provide WES Ref.# _________________________________________________________________
How did you hear about, or who referred you to WES? ____________________________________________________________________________________________________
List all educational institutions attended, beginning with secondary school and including the one you are currently attending.
Name of Institution Country Dates of Attendance Name of Diploma/Certificate Year of
From To (in original language) Graduation
a. ____________________________________________ ______________________ __________________________ ________________________ _____________
b. ____________________________________________ ______________________ __________________________ ________________________ _____________
c. ____________________________________________ ______________________ __________________________ ________________________ _____________
I have read the documentation requirements for my country of education at
and agree to submit my credentials as instructed.
Send An Evaluation Report To
If you want a copy of the report sent to an academic institution, employer, or licensing board, please indicate their exact name(s) and address(es) below.
Attach additional sheet if there are more than 2 addresses.The first report is free of charge if ordered with this application. (See page 1 for details.).
1. ______________________________________________________________________ 2. _____________________________________________________________________
______________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________
______________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________
______________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________
City State Zip City State Zip
I certify that:All of the information provided in the application is correct; I have read all the instructions and policies provided on pages 1 and 2 of this
application and agree to the terms stated therein; I understand that the report is advisory and not binding upon any agency or institution that uses it.
I understand that fees are not refundable once an application is submitted. Finally, I release World Education Services from any liability for damages
resulting from the use to which I or any agency or institution puts the evaluation report.
____________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________ _______________________
Name (printed) Signature Date
Clear Form
clear all rush options
clear sealed envelope
clear all delivery options
International Transcript/Academic Record Request and Release Authorization Form
Note to Applicant: Please complete the top part of this form and send it to the registrar/ controller of examinations/ or other
official at the institution that you attended. Print additional copies of this form if necessary. Please note that some institutions
may charge a fee for this service.
Last / Family Name: First / Given Name:
Previous Name (If any): Date of Birth (dd/mm/yyyy):
Institution Name:
Dates Attended:
(mm/yyyy) (mm/yyyy)
Degree Name:
(if applicable)
Year of Award:
(if applicable)
Student ID or Roll Number at sending institution:
(if applicable)
Applicant’s Signature: Date:
Note to Authorized official: The above-named person is applying to have his/her credentials evaluated and requests that a
transcript of his/her academic records be released to World Education Services. Please complete this form,
attach it to official
academic records, place the form and records in an envelope, sign and seal the envelope across the back flap, and send it
directly to World Education Services.
Name of Official Completing
Form (Please type or print):
Postal Code:
Confirmation: I confirm that the student named above attended
Institution Name
from to .
month/yr month/yr
Authorized signature and SEAL Date
Academic Record / Transcript is attached.
Please return this form together with official academic records directly to World Education Services at the address below:
From To
WES Ref #
if a
By Postal Mail: By Express Courier:
World Education Services
P.O. Box 5087
Bowling Green Station
New York, NY 10274-5087
World Education Services
64 Beaver St. #146
New York, NY 10004