Superintendent of Parks Mayor
Providence Parks Department Forestry Division
Individual Street Tree Planting Application
If you are interested in planting street trees only at your own property, you have two options:
_____Match Cost Planting
You agree to pay half the cost of planting a tree, the City of Providence pays the other half and provides
sidewalk preparation, soil replacement, tree(s), and planting. Providence’s Forestry Division will select
and site your tree. Your cost is $250.00 per tree. Please make your check payable to the City of
Providence Sharpe Fund.
Send your contract information and check to the address below.
____Full Cost Planting
You agree to pay the full cost of planting a city street tree. You must apply for a free permit to plant
before you make any preparations. Upon receipt of your application, Providence’s Forestry Division will
show you where to plant the tree(s), send you a permit (required to plant of city property), a list of
approved street tree species from which to choose your tree(s), as well as size standards and mandatory
planting procedures. Send you contact information to the address below.
Send this form and any necessary payment to:
City Forester, Parks Department, 1000 Elmwood Avenue, Providence, RI 02905
Questions? Call the Parks Department Forestry Division at 401-680-7254.
Please enter your contact information here.
Number of trees requested:_______________
This signature acknowledges that trees planted through the city are valuable assets that require your
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