WCCC CARES Hardship Application-Spring 2021 REVISED
WCCC has a limited amount of federal funds available to assist students with certain types of educational
costs, including tuition and fees (new), educational materials (including computers or supplies), insurance,
food needs, childcare expenses, or other costs. WCCC is now inviting students to apply for spring 2021
awards. Please note that in most cases, these funds will not be disbursed until after the first day of classes
when enrollment can be verified.
WCCC will attempt to assist as many students as possible with unforeseen educational expenses. WCCC is
allocating funds in several categories and has established certain funding guidelines based total expenses,
expenses by category and credits enrolled. Please complete the information below:
Name____________________________________________ Student ID_____________________
Email___________________________________ Phone (____) __________
Eligibility Requirements (REVISED)
1) You must be a US citizen or eligible non-citizen.
2) You must be matriculated. This means that you must declare a major through WCCC.
3) You must be enrolled in spring 2021 semester.
These items can be verified through a FAFSA. You must have a 2020-21 FAFSA on file with the College or
documentation of citizenship to receive consideration for this emergency assistance. If you have not yet
completed a FAFSA, please contact the Financial Aid Office at finaid@warren.edu.
Please note any emergency need by category for the spring 2021 semester. You may indicate more than one
category to be evaluated by the WCCC CARES Committee, however, the College reserves the right to limit any
awards to an individual student or awards in any category.
$ _________ for WCCC tuition and fee charges not covered by a grant funds for spring-Please check the
applicable box below:
Please credit my WCCC account for the above amount for spring 2021
Please issue a refund check to me for the above amount, representing funds already paid
Other (please specify) _______________________________________________________________
$__________ Additional housing expenses
$__________Computer Expenses
$__________ Technology or educational supply expenses (please identify)
$__________ Food expenses for myself
$__________Child care expenses (must have a dependent declared through the FAFSA)
$__________Health insurance expenses
C) $__________ TOTAL STUDENT REQUEST (A + B)
Documentation of Assistance Needed
WCCC is not requesting documentation of receipts at this time. However, by signing the application, you are
asserting that the information is correct and verifiable, and you agree to provide documentation upon
request. Please note that WCCC reserves the right to ask for any documentation at any time regarding the
emergency aid, so please retain all receipts.
Please provide additional information regarding your request. (Example: Internet cable bill to Service Electric
or Comcast for February-April $_____. Purchase of a Lenovo T480 laptop $____________, I do not have
money for food which is costing me $_____ per week). Please note that unless educational expenses are
needed prior to the start of the semester (example, computer, nursing supplies or software), WCCC will wait
until your enrollment can be verified before issuing any CARES checks.
I certify that these additional education-related expenses are directly or indirectly related to COVID-19
disruption. I understand that I may be asked to provide documentation to justify these expenses (e.g.,
receipts, bills). I also certify that as the applicant, I am an active student scheduled to participate in the 2021
spring semester.
________________________________________________ __________________________
Student Signature Date
If WCCC CARES Aid is approved, you will receive a check from WCCC to the address on file with the College.
Please make sure your information is up to date with us.
The College reserves the right to prioritize the awarding of emergency aid based on financial need,
availability of other financial aid, or student attendance in the spring semester. WCCC will notify students via
email of their eligibility for funds.