(Central Basin)
For a valuable consideration, ___________________________________(Licensor) hereby grants to
______________________________(Licensee): a license to extract __________ acre-feet of Licensor’s
Allowed Pumping Allocation allocated to Licensor (or predecessors in interest) under and pursuant to
Judgment dated October 11, 1965, and entered in Los Angeles Superior Court Case No. 786,656 entitled
“Central and West Basin Water Replenishment District vs. Charles E. Adams, et al.” during the period
commencing July 1, 20 ____ and continuing to and including June 30, 20____.
Said License is granted subject to the following conditions:
1. Licensee shall exercise said right and extract the same on behalf of Licensor during the period
above specified and put the same to beneficial use and Licensee shall not by the exercise
hereunder of said right acquire any right to extract water independent of the rights of Licensor.
2. L
icensee shall pay assessments levied on the pumping of said ground waters by the Water
Replenishment District of Southern California (District).
3. L
icensee shall notify the District that said pumping was done pursuant to this license and provide
the District with a copy of this signed document.
4. L
icensee shall note, in any recording of water production for the period of agreement that said
pumping was done pursuant to this license.
5. L
icensee’s Allowed Pumping Allocation _______________ (shall, with flex)(shall not, without flex
e increased by the amount hereby leased when computing carryover or allowable overextraction
as provided by Part III, Subpart A and B in said Judgment.
_______________________ warrants that it has ______ acre-feet of Allowed Pumping Allocation and that
it has not pumped and will not pump or permit or license any other person to pump any part of said
_______ acre-feet during the period of July 1, 20____ through June 30, 20____.
This lease may signed by the parties by facsimile, electronic or digital signature, and such signature shall
be deemed valid and binding on the party signing this lease in that manner.
d : ____________
Licensor : _________________________ Licensee : _______________________
Signed By : _________________________ Signed By : _______________________
Title : _________________________ Title : _______________________
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