On behalf of myself, my estate, my heirs, and assigns, I hereby agree to release the United
States Government, the Department of Defense, the State of Arizona, the Arizona National
Guard, Camp Navajo and their respective employees, from any claim of liability. I further agree
to hold such entities harmless for any injuries to myself or damage to my personal property.
The waiver is conditioned upon the privilege granted by the Commander, Camp Navajo, to
enter the bounds of Camp Navajo for the purpose of hunting, fishing, camping and/or non-
mission related activities.
This waiver is not intended to relieve any of the entities from responsibilities for willful or
intentional misconduct, or acts of gross criminal negligence. I fully understand my
responsibilities to remain in authorized areas (or risk criminal prosecution for trespassing) and
comply with the requirements imposed by the Security Division of Camp Navajo.
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Updated Nov 2010
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