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Virtual Producer Feedback Form
Skills Observed?
Creates a comfortable
learning environment
Creates a welcoming online environment
Constantly monitors what goes on during the session
Responds to participants with empathy and encouragement
Enables Participants Listens to participants (verbal or in chat)
Assists participants by providing tech instructions as needed
Encourages participants to interact and engage
Draws out learners who are silent (in partnership with
Technical Agility Demonstrates proficiency with basic platform features
Able to troubleshoot and identify common platform challenges
Gives clear instructions, as needed, for how to use platform
Partnership Skills Creates a seamless partnership with the presenter/facilitator
for a quality participant experience
Follows facilitator guide/outline for activities and directions
Makes the most of
their voice & video
Speaks clearly and audibly
Conveys enthusiasm for the virtual event
Sounds energetic and confident
Uses best practices for video/webcam (angle, lighting, etc.)
Flexibility Remains calm if/when technical challenges arise
Responds quickly to challenges
Moves to “plan b” if/as needed
Additional Comments: