Virginia State University
Students Accessibility Office
Policies and procedures for using Testing Services in the Student Accessibility Office (SAO)
SAO offers extended time, reduced distraction testing spaces, scribes, readers, assistive
technology etc. for students with disabilities who need alternative testing accommodations.
Please read the following policies/procedures listed below to ensure a smooth and successful test
taking experience. Once you have reviewed the information, please sign your name in the space
provided indicating that you have read and understand the SAO testing policies/procedures.
Pick up exam accommodation forms from SAO office and completely fill out part A.
After completing part A, submit the exam accommodation forms to the appropriate
faculty member for completion of part B.
Plan to take your test in the SAO office on the same day and time of the scheduled test.
Any alternate test days and times must be approved by your professor, prior to testing.
Sign in at the SAO front desk prior to taking your test.
Request a testing appointment at least one week in advance of the test by submitting the
exam accommodation for to the SWDP office. Requesting a testing accommodation is
the responsibility of the student. Students who have not scheduled a testing
appointment in advance will not be able to take their test. Unfortunately, we cannot
provide testing on a walk-in basis.
Books, notes, computers, cell phones, and/or any other aids or electronic devices are not
allowed in the SAO testing area, unless specified by the professor or is an approved
reasonable accommodation. All notes, books, cell phones, etc. must be given to
proctor/counselor in the SAO office. Items will be returned to students after they have
completed their tests.
Professors must provide SAO staff with specific written instructions to allow students to
have notes, books, or other aids during a test. – NO EXCEPTIONS!
Students are responsible for providing blue books, scantron sheets, paper, pencils, and/or
pens if they are needed.
Eating or drinking will not be permitted in the testing area at any time. Students are not
permitted to have open or closed drinks or food during testing.
Students who need to take medication during testing, should notify SAO staff prior to
Children will not be permitted in the testing area. SAO staff cannot monitor children
while testing is in progress.
Students displaying any behavior that is unacceptable in the testing environment (i.e.
cheating, using unapproved notes or inappropriate computer use) may forfeit their use of
the SAO testing area and their professor will be informed of the circumstances. The
professor will make further decisions about reporting honor code violations.
The SAO office adheres to VSU’s Student Code of Conduct, which includes the honor
code. To access the VSU honor code, please visit
I have read and understand the Student Accessibility Office’s Testing Policies Procedures.
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Location: Memorial Hall, Room: 101
Telephone: 804-524-5061
Fassimile: 804-524-5978
TTY: 804-524-5838
Contact Us:
Student Accessibility Office
Phone: (804)-524-5061 (office number)
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