Virginia State University Graduate/Doctoral Academic Plan
Student Agreement for Financial Aid Recipients
Federal regulations require students to maintain Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) in three areas:
(1) Cumulative GPA, (2) Hours Earned, and (3) Maximum Time Limit to be eligible for financial aid.
In order to maintain eligibility for financial aid from Federal, State and Institutional programs at Virginia
State University, a student must continue to make reasonable satisfactory academic progress toward
completion of their degree program of study.
Classes that are withdrawn from with a grade of “W” or an “I” for Incomplete may affect the student’s
Satisfactory Academic Progress.
I agree to use the strategies that will be mapped in my Academic Plan. I understand that if I do not earn
the required semester GPA and have not successfully passed the required semester hours as stipulated
by the Office of Student Financial Aid (Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy), I will be placed on
Financial Aid Cancellation.
Students submitting an Appeal Letter for consideration of reinstatement of their financial aid must do
the following:
1) Submit Appeal Form and Letter (typed)
2) Submit Academic Plan (typed) must be signed by Academic Advisor
3) It is the responsibility of the student to check the accuracy of his/her transcript; if there is a
discrepancy please contact your professor. When the discrepancy is resolved, please notify the
Financial Aid Office.
Please submit your SAP Appeal and Academic Plan to:
SAP Committee
Location: Gandy Hall- 1
Floor - Room 112
Address: P.O. Box 9031 Petersburg, VA 23806
Office Phone Number #: (800) 823-7214
Fax Number #: (804) 524-6818
I understand that by signing this plan, I am agreeing to the conditions specified below to maintain my
financial aid eligibility.
I will maintain a minimum 3.0 GPA for each term
I understand that course grades of “I” will not be counted
I understand that I must complete/pass all classes attempted
I understand that I cannot withdraw from any classes after the drop/add deadline
Failure to meet any of the above will result in aid cancellation and is not appealable.
Student Signature ___________________________ Date ____________________ V#
V# ______________
Graduate / Doctoral Academic Plan
Courses that did not meet SAP Requirements
Grade Earned
Projected term for re-take
2) Expected Graduation Date __________
3) Hours required for completion __________
_______________________________ ______________________
Student Signature Date
_______________________________ ______________________
Academic Advisor’s Signature Date