Virginia Military Institute
Application for Graduation
As a first classman you are hereby requested to complete and return this Application for Graduation to the
Registrar’s Office. Application must be filed during the Fall semester of a cadet's second class year, or when a
change of anticipated graduation has occurred.
CADET NAME: __________________________________ VMI ID# ______________ VMI Box:_________
This form will be used for diploma lettering, to maintain VMI’s graduation list and facilitate the monitoring of
anticipated degree completion. Cadets are reminded that all major and minor/concentration declarations MUST be approved by
the respective department(s) and on file in the Registrar's Office by the start of the second semester of the first class year.
State/Country of Legal Residence: ______________________________
Degree: ______________________________
Major(s): ______________________________
Minor(s): ______________________________
(NOTE: According to current academic policy, all minors must be approved by the respective department(s) and on file in the
Registrar’s Office by the end of the Fall semester, first class year. If your respective major or minor area is NOT listed on this
form, you MUST also complete the necessary paperwork to get this information on file and file for candidacy.)
Anticipated Completion Date: Check One: ___ December, 20__ ___ May, 20__
___ September, 20__ ___ Other – Please Specify:_____
(Please print clearly if no indication is provided your diploma will be ordered as First Name, Middle Initial, Last Name)
Current Home Address: ____________________________________________________________
Home Phone #_____________________________________ Cell Phone # ______________________________
Cadet Signature:_____________________________________________ Date:________________________
Registrar’s Office 2/13