The goal of the program is to provide financial assistance to encourage the removal of existing chain
link fences in front yards and along public streets in residential neighborhoods. Replacement fences that
conform to City and County fence requirements are allowed under the program.
Grants of up to a maximum of $2,500 per property are available to pay for the costs associated with the
removal and disposal of chain link fences as well as the purchase and installation of replacement fences.
Funds are provided on a reimbursement basis after the work has been completed and inspected by the
Property owners and/or residents of the City of College Park are eligible to apply for financial assistance.
If an Applicant is not the owner of the property, consent of the property owner is required. All projects
shall meet the following criteria:
1. The property must be within the City’s municipal boundaries and zoned for residential use.
2. The chain link fence to be removed must be located in the front yard of the property or along a
public street.
3. All waste resulting from the chain link fence removal must be properly disposed of.
4. Replacement fences must meet current setback, height and material requirements. Materials such
as wrought iron, split rail, picket and similar materials incorporating openness are eligible. Chain link
is not an eligible material.
5. All required permits must be obtained by an Applicant.
Reasonable labor and materials costs associated with the following are eligible for reimbursement:
1. Removal of existing chain link fences including posts and footings.
2. Hauling and disposal of removed chain link fence material, equipment rentals and dumping fees.
3. Purchase and installation of permitted replacement fences.
4. City and County permit fees.
5. Payment will not be made for labor performed by an Applicant.
Financial assistance is provided on a first-come, first-served basis in accordance with the following
procedures. A pre-application meeting is recommended to be scheduled with the Department of
Planning, Community and Economic Development to ensure eligibility.
1. Applicant submits a completed Grant Application Form including the following:
a) Signature of the property owner, if not the same as the Applicant.
b) Description of proposed work and cost estimates.
c) Estimated removal/construction schedule.
d) Photographs of the chain link fence to be removed.
e) Site plan showing the location of the fence to be removed. If a new fence is proposed, a site
plan drawn to scale is required.
f) Replacement fence details (material, height), if applicable.
g) Permits for replacement fence construction, if applicable.
2. City staff reviews and accepts completed applications on a first-come, first-served basis. Grants
are made subject to funding availability. Written notification of acceptance will be provided to the
3. Applicant should not start any work until the application has been formally accepted. The City will
not reimburse Applicants for work that has been performed prior to acceptance of the application.
The City reserves the right to refuse reimbursements in whole or in part for work that is not
completed within 6 months of City approval and/or for costs that are not reasonable. Request for
extensions will be considered only if made in writing and progress towards completion has been
4. Applicant submits the required documentation for reimbursement:
a) Copy of any required permits from the City and County.
b) Receipts or other evidence of payment for eligible work.
c) Photographs of completed work.
5. City staff inspects the work performed at the property and authorizes reimbursement.
6. Payment is made to the Applicant upon successful completion of the work and submission of all
supporting documentation.
The City retains the right to amend the program guidelines and application procedures. City staff has the
sole authority to determine eligibility of proposed work and confirmation of completed work. Certain work
may be required or precluded as a condition of funding. Participants will be responsible for obtaining
necessary regulatory approvals, including, but not limited to, building permits and any other necessary
permits. All work must comply with City and County regulations.
Approved by Mayor and Council on March 13, 2018.
For more information:
Miriam Bader
Senior Planner
Department of Planning, Community & Economic Development
Please contact the Senior Planner at or 240.487.3538 with any questions or to schedule
a pre-application meeting. Please print or type legibly and return to 4500 Knox Road, College Park, MD or via email
Property Address: ________________________________________________________________
Applicant Name(s): ________________________________________________________________
Property Owner (if different from Applicant): ___________________________________________
Property Owner Mailing Address: _____________________________________________________
City:_______________________ State:_________________ Zip Code: ____________________
Phone: ____________________ Email: _______________________________________________
Description of proposed improvements:
Estimated total cost of improvements: _________________________________________________
Estimated date of completion: _______________________________________________________
Check all that apply:
Photograph of existing chain link fence
Site plan showing location of existing
fence to be removed, and if applicable,
replacement fence to be installed
Proposed fence details (material, height), if
Contractor proposal(s), if applicable
Permits, if applicable (please note that no
work performed without a required permit
can be funded)
I/We hereby affirm that the filing of this application and all information and exhibits herewith submitted
are true and correct to the best of my/our knowledge. The applicant authorizes the City to make
all reasonable inspections and investigations as required in the administration of this program. I/We
have read, understand and agree to the Chain Link Fence Removal Incentive Program guidelines and
requirements. I/We understand that any improvements completed prior to the notice of grant award will
not be eligible for reimbursement. I/We agree to maintain the replacement fence, if applicable, in good
condition and in accordance with all applicable building codes.
I/We agree to indemnify, and hold harmless the City, its officials, agents, and employees, from any and
all claims, demands, suits, causes of action, liability, damages, losses, costs and expenses (including
reasonable attorneys’ fees) of whatsoever nature arising out of or resulting from any and all fence removal
or replacement activities performed by the Applicant or its employees, agents, subcontractors.
_________________________________________ _________________________
Applicant’s Signature Date
_________________________________________ _________________________
Property Owner’s Signature (if not applicant) Date
I authorize the City to take and use pictures of the work performed under this program:
Yes No
Note: Applying for a Chain Link Fence Removal Incentive grant does not obligate the City to provide
a grant for the specified project. Only after an application is accepted by the City and all program
requirements are met, will funds be provided. Funding is subject to availability.
For internal use only:
Date Accepted: _______________________ By: __________________________________
Date of Final Inspection: _________________ By: __________________________________
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