Veteran’s Educational Services
Veterans Fact Sheet
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Name (Last, First, Middle Student ID Number
List all institutions you attended AFTER high school. You must provide an official academic transcript including your
official military transcript to your counselor from every college previously attended before your second semester at
Coso Community College. If you need more space, please attach an additional page.
Military Transcript
Service dates-
**Please note: Cerro Coso Community College is required to evaluate all transcripts from previous institutions for
transfer into your current program including your military transcript.
Have you previously received veteran’s educational benefits at another Institution? ___Yes ___No
(If yes, you may need to complete a “Change of Program” form 1995 on
If no, have you submitted an application for veterans’ educational benefits? ___Yes ___No
(If yes, please provide a copy of your Certificate of Eligibility to the VA certifying Official in the Admissions and Records
Office. If no, apply for benefits on
Type of benefit: (select the type of benefit you are expecting to use)
Chapter 30 Chapter 32 (VEAP) Chapter 33 (Post 9/11) Chapter 1606 (Reservist)
Chapter 31 (Voc rehab) Chapter 35 (Dependents) - Veteran’s Name/SSN ________________
(Dependents may also qualify for a Cal Vet fee waiver. Application available at
Note: Counselors/academic advisors are not your VA Representative (VA REP) and therefore cannot council concerning
your benefits. You will be required to meet with a counselor/academic advisor every semester. The counselor/academic
advisor will ONLY approve classes that are in your program as listed on the VAPA. Counseling will submit your Veteran’s
Class Program Approval Form (VAPA) to the VA Certifying Official in the Admissions & Records Office. The certifying
official will certify your classes once they have received the VAPA and a copy of this form.
If you drop, add, or change your program, you are responsible to contact a counselor/academic advisor for approval
and for them to revise your VAPA. Only classes on your VAPA WILL BE SUBMITTED TO VA FOR PAYMENT. You are
responsible for letting a counselor/academic advisor know that you do or do not want to use your VA benefits each
semester you take classes (fall, spring and summer). Please note that the institution is required to report drops and last
day of participation in class. You may owe money back to the Veterans Association if dropping a class caused an
overpayment to you or for tuition fees.
Note: Chapter 33 & 31 pays $46 unit tuition for classes. Chapter 33 DOES NOT pay out of state residency fees.
Any housing benefits awarded are based on the housing market in Ridgecrest, CA as that is the College Institution
I have read and understand the Cerro Coso Community College requirements stated in this document. I declare that I
have provided the names of ALL institutions previously attended after High School.
Signature: _________________________________________________ Date: ________________________
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Request Your Military Transcript
Air Force
Access the Community College of the Air Force website
On the right, click on "CCAF Transcripts"
Choose option 1 or 2
Note: Option 1 is a mailed written request and takes 10-15 business days to receive
Enter the required information
Army, Navy, Coast Guard, Marine Core
Access the https://
Click on “How to request an official transcript”
Enter the required information to create a user account.
Request transcript
1.) See a counselor for program approval every semester
2.) Let your counselor know if you drop or add a class
3.) Be prepared for upfront expenses before you receive your benefits
4.) Chapter 33 pays $46.00 tuition. Chapter 33 DOES NOT pay out of state residency fees.