Veterans Beneft Contract
This form is NOT necessary if you are only receiving CT tuition waiver.
Any questions or concerns regarding this form should be directed to 860-512-3375, 860-512-3362 or
This form is for all veterans who receive GI Bill Benefits from the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA). Students must have this form
completed and signed by a counselor from the Advising and Counseling Center, SSC L120, prior to meeting with the School Certifying Official
(SCO). Student must initial each statement below.
____________ 1. You can only be certified for courses that are in the program into which you are matriculated. If you take courses outside of
your program, those courses cannot be certified for educational benefits.
____________ 2. You MUST meet with a counselor in the Advising and Counseling Center (SSC, room L120) or attend a Next Step Advising
session before meeting with the SCO in SSC L101.The counselor will perform a curriculum check to verify courses you are
taking are eligible for benefits.You may call 860-512-3320 to schedule an appointment with a counselor.
____________ 3. You are responsible for reporting changes in course load and attendance to the SCO. When dropping a course, you
must notify the SCO ASAP so that your certification may be adjusted. The SCO can be contacted at 860-512-3375 or Dropping courses after certification may result in owing money to the VA.
____________ 4. You must verify your attendance by calling 1-877-823-2378. Students can also use the Web Automated Verification of
Enrollment (WAVE) system located at Monthly verification is required for Chapters 30, 35,
1606 and 1607 only.
____________ 5. You must notify the SCO immediately if you would like to change your chapter benefit.To apply for a different chapter, you
must submit VA Form 22-1990 using the Veterans Online Application for Benefits (VONAPP). The VONAPP system can be
accessed by going to (under Apply for Education Benefits). Please bring a copy of VA Form 22-1990 to the SCO.
Applying for a different chapter on the VA website doesn’t change your chapter with the school automatically; you must
notify the SCO to ensure that you receive your benefits in a timely fashion.
____________ 6. You must have all your required documentation for your chapter to be certified before meeting with the SCO. Please contact
the SCO if you have any questions regarding the certification process. Please note: Certification will NOT occur until all
of the required paperwork is submitted.
____________ 7. If you are receiving Chapter 33 benefits, you must be taking seven credits or more in your major to receive the monthly
Basic Allowance for Housing (BAH). If during the course of the semester you drop below the seven-credit threshold, you will
have to pay back the BAH for the entire semester. If you have extenuating circumstances, they must be submitted in writing
— along with documentation — to the SCO so that we may update your certification. Please note: The VA makes the final
determination as to whether or not repayment will be in order.
____________ 8. You must update your degree and/or program of study with the Registrar’s Office and notify the SCO. You are also required
to fill out VA Form 22-1995 (or VA Form 22-5495 for Chapter 35). This form can be found using the VONAPP system. Also,
please submit a copy to the SCO. When changing your program of study you will also be required to get an updated
curriculum check.
____________ 9. You must have all official transcripts from past schools and/or military credit evaluations completed by the Admissions
office immediately. This preliminary evaluation from Admissions will then be reviewed with a counselor to determine if any
previous credits will satisfy degree requirements. All applicable credits will be used toward the declared MCC major. If this is
not done, the SCO will not be able to certify benefits until completed. The VA will not pay for coursework previously earned
at other college/universities or in the military.
December 2019/PR
Counselor Signature Date
Matriculated Major
Semester Year
First Name MI Last Name
Street Address
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Banner ID Number
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Which Chapter do you receive benefits under? Ple
Chapter 33 — Post 9/11 GI Bill
Chapter 30 — Active Duty Montgomery GI Bill
Chapter 31 — Vocational Rehabilitation
ase check.
Chapter 35 — Survivor’s and Dependant’s Educational Benefits
Chapter 1606 — Reserve Montgomery GI Bill
T.O.E. — Transfer of Entitlement
For more information about the different chapters please consult
Have you used your benefits?
If yes, where:
By signing below you acknowledge that you have turned in all of your documents for certification for the __________________ semester and request the SCO
to certify you for _______ credits.You are also agreeing to the terms listed on page 1 of this form. If you printed this form from the MCC website, please make sure that
it is accompanied by both pages of this document.
Veteran Signature Date
School Certifying Official Signature Date
Any questions or concerns regarding this form should be directed to: 860-512-3375, 860-512-3362 or
Counselor Name
Has the student’s preliminary evaluation been completed?