Veteran Benefits Application
Rev: 4/20
For assistance completing this application, please contact SCSU Veterans Services Office in Engleman Hall A014 or call 203-392-6822. Complete
applications may be submitted to, or faxed to SCSU Student Accounts Office at 203-392-5328.
Student Name (First, MI, Last)
SCSU Student ID:
SCSU Email:
VA File # (SSN) if applicable:
Instructions: To apply for the CT state tuition waiver and/or request VA enrollment certification, please select one eligible status below
and submit the required documents. This application is only required for new students.
1. Eligible Veteran:
Ch. 30 Montgomery GI Bill® Active Duty (MGIB-AD)
Required Docs: COE and DD-214 Member 4 Copy
Ch. 31 Vocational Rehabilitation & Employment (VR&E)
Required Docs: 1905 and DD-214 Member 4 Copy
Ch. 33 Post-9/11 GI Bill®
Required Docs: COE and DD-214 Member 4 Copy
Ch. 33 Post-9/11 GI Bill® Dependent
Required Docs: COE
Ch. 33 Post-9/11 GI Bill® Yellow Ribbon Program
Required Docs: COE and DD-214 Member 4 Copy
Ch. 35 Dependents Educational Assistance (DEA)
Required Docs: COE
Ch. 1606 Montgomery GI Bill® Selected Reserve (MGIB-SR)
Required Docs: NOBE or COE
Ch. 1607 Reserve Educational Assistance Program (REAP)
Required Docs: NOBE or COE
Tuition Waiver Only No VA benefits eligibility
Required Docs: DD-214 Member 4 Copy
If you no longer have your COE, you may submit a Post-9/11 GI
Bill® Statement of Benefits, found under the section 'Your Account'
2. Active Member of CT Army and Air National Guard
Required: COE (request your Unit to submit a COE for each term)
3. CT resident who is a dependent child or surviving spouse of a
member of the Armed Forces killed in action on or after 9/11/01 who
was a CT resident
Required: Military Status Document
Required: Dependency Document
4. CT resident who is a dependent child of a person whom the
Armed Forces has declared to be MIA or a POW while serving after
Required: Military Status Document
Required: Dependency Document
Under Connecticut state statutes, tuition at Connecticut public colleges and universities may be waived for eligible persons,
who must satisfy all of the following requirements (eligibility is not retroactive):
Be honorably discharged or released under honorable conditions from active service in the U.S. Armed Forces: U.S. Army, Navy, Marine
Corps, Air Force and Coast Guard or National Guard members in good-standing, activated under Title 10 of the U.S. Code, and
Have served at least 90 or more cumulative days active duty in time of war except if separated from service earlier because of a federal
Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) rated service-connected disability; or the war, campaign or operation lasted less than 90 days and
service was for the duration, and
Be formally admitted for undergraduate or graduate study at SCSU to receive the 100% tuition waiver for credit courses, although you do not
have to declare a major initially, and
Be domiciled in Connecticut at the time of acceptance, which includes domicile for less than one year. If you applied to SCSU with an out-
of-state address, you become domiciled when you get a CT address.
Other college costs such as books, fees, parking, and room and board are not waived. Summer and intersession courses are not assessed
tuition; therefore, there is no tuition waiver during these terms. Eligible veterans in status 1 above can receive a 50% waiver of the extension
course fee, and those in status 4 can receive a 100% waiver of the extension course fee.
For students receiving VA Education Benefits:
You are required to be matriculated (formally admitted) into an eligible degree program at SCSU within two (2) semesters or your
benefits will be suspended. Please note that the following program is not eligible to be certified for Veteran Education Benefits: UG
Certificate in Spanish and Latino Cultures for Healthcare Professionals. Also note, the following programs are conditionally approved
until the approving entity accredits the program and the degree can be conferred, at which point the approval status will be changed to
fully approved: Post-Baccalaureate Certificate of Accounting, Doctor of Social Work. If the program is not accredited at the conclusion
of the review period, the program will be withdrawn from the approved programs.
Classes that are successfully completed may not be certified for again for VA purposes if they are repeated; however, if a student fails a
class, or if a program requires a higher grade than the one achieved, that course class may be repeated and certified to VA again, and
Notify your Certifying Official in the Student Accounts Office if you are taking a course outside of your planned program of study, only
courses that satisfy requirements for the program of study can be certified for VA purposes, and
Your benefits will continue to be certified for each subsequent term that you enroll at SCSU without any further action on your behalf, unless
you notify your Certifying Official in the Student Accounts Office that you wish to suspend certification, and
By my signature below I certify that I have read and understand all the above.
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